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Texas/Midwest 2013 Tour Mini-Updates!

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Sorry to hear about your poor visit to SFOT. Earlier in the year things seemed to be running very well. I have been hearing reports lately about poor operations. I am not sure what is happening. You would think that with Corporate across the street things would be run pretty tight. The GM is really good there- hopefully he will get a handle on things. Thanks for the great TR!

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The past two weeks, my family and I have basically been doing the tour in reverse, going from CP to SFFT. We were at Schlitterbahn and SFFT the same days as you guys! Would've been nice to bump into you and say hi. Looks like a great trip so far!

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One of the things I like about TPR trips is the surprises. The Texas State Fair looks like it was a lot of fun.


Exactly--"surprise" parks can really enhance a trip.

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Ugh, looking at those pictures makes me wish I would've stopped at the state fair park when I was in Dallas. I skipped it because most of the rides come to the WI State Fair, but it looks like the park in general is pretty cool and would've been a nice place to spend a few hours in the afternoon.


Too bad to hear SFOT was a bust. I had a lot of the same problems with rides closing early and restaurants closing early but I hoped that was more due to the rain and lack of crowds and wasn't the norm for the park. Hopefully the other Six Flags parks on the trips treat you better.

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Love the updates so far, but now that I know firsthand how much insane fun TPR trips are, it's been even harder to read. I need to pop my "International Snack Exchange" cherry some day.


I'm intrigued by "Jungle Twist"...

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I have had these parks on my bucket list for years and have yet to make it down there. Sad that I couldn't swing this trip because it looks like it is going to be epic even without NTAG & Iron Rattler because I know you guys know how to adjust and still have an awesome time (loved the pee in lemonade reference)!


Schlitterbahn looks like a really great water park...and who can go wrong with a swim-up bar? That is my favorite attraction at Soak City at CP and this one looks a lot nicer!


Definitely too bad about SFOT. You would think that with the press they have been getting about the accident on NTAG, it would have prompted management to try & pull the park staff together after the accident to encourage & motivate them in guest relations for the guests that DO show up at the park... especially with a group called: Theme Park REVIEW coming to the park? This seems like a pretty epic fail by their management in my mind. Someone needs to step in and rally the troops at this place by the sounds of it.



Random question: Does saying that I want to ride the Steel Eel (after watching the POV) make me sound perverted?

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Looking forward to seeing all of you

destroy yourselves at The Museum.


I look forward to having a first hand experience climbing and bleeding with everyone else. I got my mini first aid kit and my knee pads ready to go.


So far I'd like to give a big thanks to Robb and Elissa for making the absolute best out of The Six Flags closures. I only wish I could have marathoned the flowrider at the fair as much as a few people in the group did. I got a little too ambitious by trying to get up on my knees my second ever go around. You know you've wiped out hard when you can hear the crowd cringe through ears full of rushing water. I was fine but I felt a twinge in my back that told me I was done for the day. I'm looking forward to having another go at SFGA's flowrider.

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Great trip report. I am surprised to not see more pics from SFOT.

Our visit wasn't photo worthy. Poor operations, bad attitudes, and just overall not a good visit. Rides opening late and closing early without warning. Operations, food service, and park services staff that just seemed completely indifferent about their jobs. At 9pm we played the "find an open restaurant" game so we could use the meal vouchers that we pre-paid for, and all of them were closed.


It's sad because IMO, Six Flags Over Texas used to be one of the best parks in the chain, if not THE best! And yesterday, I witnessed some of the worst operations I've seen at any park. And I've been to China!


On the plus side, the park did manage to get us a couple of early morning rides on Mr. Freeze, but even getting those wasn't without a struggle.




We were there that day, too. Experienced some cruddy attitudes. Especially from some guy standing guard at the bottom of the steps at Titan. Apparently the power went to his head. Given all you've said in their defense with the accident, and re-assuring people on national tv, the safety of amusement parks you would think they would have some sense of gratitude towards you being there. At least Fiesta Texas rolled out the red carpet for you all. We went down there a couple of weeks ago and watched that show. It was so neat. I kept thinking, our home park should do stuff like this. That's too bad. They seem to be cutting corners at every angle on costs.

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In line for the front of Outlaw Run ERT right now. I already got a ride in the back and middle and all I can say is I have a new # 1 wooden coaster. Maybe even # 1 overall!


Holy crap, there isn't a foot of boring track on this thing! Great mix of elements to be had here. Negative and positive Gs with insane overbanks, lateral movements and topped off with some great hangtime in the barrel rolls.

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