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Photo TR: Yanhu Park July 31, 2013

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Today I went to Dongguan to Fenggang town to visit Yanhu Park. This is a very nice park with a small collection of rides. It is like most parks in China. It has a lake and many shaded pathways. There is a mouse coaster here and several basic rides. I rode the mouse coaster, the powered coaster, took some photos and left. There is a brothel just around the block from the park right at the bus stop. One could easily have fun after a visit to Yanhu Park. With today's discovery, I have now found 180 coasters before ACE or RCDB could find them and I have ridden 834 coasters in total.


I have arrived in Dongguan at Yanhu Park.


The lake is just inside.


This pagoda looks neat.


There are rides here.


There is a merry go round and wave swinger.


A twin helix powered coaster is here.


This train looks very old.


Kids enjoy the rocket ships here.


The haunted house here is a walk through.


There is a wild mouse here.


No. The lift is not curved. I like how this picture turned out.


Here is one more shot of the mouse.


There is this small brothel located just around the corner from Yanhu Park right at the bus stop. You can have a good time here.

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As a side note, this park has a dark secret as of recently. According to a security guard out at the front gate, someone was robbed at knife point and killed here recently. I noticed a lot of young men in the park who seemed to congregate and were possibly part of gangs. There were also a few homeless people there. They sure took notice when I pulled out my wallet to pay for the rides.

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There are a variety of ways I find these parks. One is before I go to a city, I look on Google Maps for parks there. I also find many parks by visiting tourist info centers and finding information. Other times, I ask the taxi driver to take me to one park and end up at another park I wasn't planning to go to or knew about. Sometimes, the locals tell me. I also look on ride manufacturers websites and sometimes they list where they have built rides. As of this post, I have now found 186 coasters before ACE or RCDB could find them.

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