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Funzones Trent Park [RCT2]

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The third park in the series of Funzones parks after the lackluster Funzones Worlds of Wonder and the foresty Funzones Ulrich lake comes a colorful day of family fun. Boasting old and new thrills, here are the screens of the under construction entry area and the park's first coaster, a 2002 GCI wooden called Twistar.


The Entry... woo...


Twistar, same name, but totally different layout from the sister coaster at Ulrich Lake.

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I am currently working on the kiddie area of the park. Kidzone is a HUGE interactive area full of pint sized thrills for the kids. Attractions include The Fun Factory, Kidzone Xpress coaster, Kidz Copters, Hullaballoon, and more. Also included are some stores for children, such as the Kidzone Toy Box.


Overview of area, incomplete.


The Kidzone Toy Box and Entry/Exit arch to Kidzone.

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Since I was sick today, I had some free time to fool around with this park...


1. Water Mania Water Park, a few slides are built, including the Giant Squid complex, a series of speed slides (unnamed), under construction family water playground, Caribbean River action river, Blaster (Master Blaster slide), and Tahiti Twister family raft ride.


2. Quadroople- an Arrow Dynamics made looping coaster that makes riders go head over heels four times. A classic at the park. Another tradition for families at the park is to buy a 4 FOOT, thats right, 4 FOOT long hot dog at Quaddogs. Great for ACEr's or a family of four.



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^LOL, Ed.


Anyways, another update, Sky Glider, an Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster built in 1986 was added. Featuring many swinging moments, this park classic has been a hit with the families at the Street Fair section of the park.


Other ride(s) in the Street Fair include Thrill Towers, a quad tower complex that rises 250 feet in the air, with two towers that shoot you up or down. Added in 1999, it has quickly become a park icon alongside the Eagle Eye Ferris Wheel.




An overview of what has been added.

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A lot has been done since I last updated, lets take a peek, shall we?


Thanks ImageShack!

The two main additions;

1. Big Dipper- a classic PTC designed coaster built in the roaring 20's. Bound to give riders smiles from the first dip out of the station to the final bunny hops.


2. Big Dipper Bandstand- For live major performances at the park, the Big Dipper Bandstand is a concert ampitheater that attracts big names. The glass backing of the stage also gives concert-goers on concert nights a great view of Big Dipper.


Other things;


Trent Park Railroad- Train that goes around the park.

Ninja Star- Mondial Top Scan ride

Sunday Drive- Arrow Dynamics electric car ride

Space Madness- Enclosed "Ecstasy" carnival ride. Basically a scrambler that goes upside down.

Traffic Jam- Bumper Cars.


Please comment.

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Todays update;


Shiver me Timbers! Families and Thrill Seekers of all ages will love this ride. Its the Wet Willy! Garunteed to soak anybody on and off the ride, this O.D. Hopkins made Shoot-the-Chutes ride takes riders down a 70 foot long waterfall into a pool of water. Riders and onlookers are instantly soaked, and onlookers can fight back with shooting riders with blasts of water. Truly a Wet Willy!



Thrill seekers, prepare yourself for heights of 230 feet, speeds of 90 mph, and more than one mile long of twisted track with an abundance of airtime and speed galore. It can only be described in one word, GIANT. Made by Intamin AG of Switzerland, this opened in 2000, one year after the opening of their first mega coaster, Superman: Ride of Steel at SFDL. Ride the Giant, the Ultimate Thrill at Trent Park!




Giant prepares to go down the intense 230 foot drop and into an extended helix full of water effects and positive G forces. Following the helix comes numerous turns and airtime hills. Indeed, the Ultimate Thrill!



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Giant looks like a really awesome coaster i wish it was really so i could ride it. I like your consept on Wet Willi where the guest can shoot back at the riders that sounds cool and some parks should do that. Your park is looking good. Can we get a overview of the park? Does anyone really ride the Giant? Because if i build coasters like that and that high they dont ride it. O well Awesome looking park and it does look real.

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Finally released and before I expected to have this done. Funzones Trent Park is an amusement park located in Delaware that boasts a lot of thrills for both the extreme thrill seeker or the ones that are more gentle hearted.


Trent Park also has a water park called Water Mania, boasting numerous slides and rumors for possible expansion in the 2007 season.


So, be sure to read the Read Me first and enjoy!

The download;


Download Funzones Trent Park!

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These parks you build are brilliant!! It must take you days to do each one. I do have one question though, I know it is a bit redundant, but, where do you get all those extra rides, ques, and scenery? Is there a special expansion pack?


Great Job!! Wish I could play around with the parks that you build!




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