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Hello All,


It has been quite awhile since I've played this game but I sure am glad to be back. This is my first park in about two years and I won't let it die like the last one...mainly because the computer I use won't be out of commission soon.


The park/maybeaseries of parks I will be building all will follow a "year 1-year 2- year 3" format but I will still try to relate the advancements of the industry into the timeline. The park takes place just outside the fictional headquarters hub of Somerset, a new and bustling city somewhere out west in a desert. Park owner Albert Richardson reports:


"I am proud to open Sands amusement park as well as Dunes Resort this coming week. Although we are not where we wish to be at our opening, we feel that deadlines must be met just as they should in any business. We have poured millions into funding this park and resort and are excited because we have much room to work with."



"The simple entrance gate to Sands Amusement park. Guests can purchase park admission tickets here for a reasonable 30 dollars. Included in admission is access to all rides and shows. Although it may not seem like a good deal at this point in time, once we get rides being built on schedule it will be worth every penny. Also inside the gate is the Sands gift shop where guests can purchase hats, shirts, sunglasses, parcels, and souvenir maps of the park."



"As you enter the park, on the right side there are a few shops and places to eat. The white building is home to America's Finest burgers and fries."



"Walking a little further up will take you to Andrea's Italian Cuisine, a fancy sit-down eatery."



"The left side of the midway features a bakery run by a famous local baker!"



"At the end of the midway you receive a very warm welcome. Just behind the greeting sign is the parks Sky Tower observation deck. It takes you 150 feet in the air giving you chance to see the entire desert and the park. Off in the distance you can even see the skyline of Somerset!"


"That is all for now. Next update I will present to you all of the entertainment options that Sands has to offer! As well as a sneak peak of things to come and even insight on our current financial situation."


"Take Care"- Albert Richardson

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"At the end of the midway is the park's main attracton: Sands Theatre! We are currently presenting a musical from a local Drama Club. Up to 500 people can enjoy the show."



"After the midway is the park's plaza, which will eventually branch out to most sections of the park. On the right side of the plaza, we have placed 6 classic games that give opportunities for guests to win prizes!"



"Behind the plaza lies our headline attraction, "Sands Express." This classic coaster lifts guests up 40 feet and sends them down a series of hills. Here you can see the iconic turnaround behind the plaza. 'Sand's Express' is the park's only coaster, although I do know for a fact that the park's second of three planned coasters originally supposed to be operating for the opening is going to be up and running by opening day next year."



"The Boardwalk area can be accessed from taking a left on the main plaza. Our boardwalk only sits on two sides of the massive man-made lake this year, but by the next two years it should come full circle."



"The boardwalk was by far our second biggest investment and has been worked on since we broke ground a few years ago. The park's second tallest structure, the lighthouse in this screen, is actually the lake's water tank. We figured a giant green tank wouldn't be as pleasing to the eye."



"Guests have access to our five jet ski's with admission to the park. After a ride, they can walk across to Red Lobster. We signed a multi-year contract with them so they will be stationed at the front of The Boardwalk for years to come. The team at Red Lobster have been a strong supporters of our park throughout the building stages."



"On the opposite side of the boardwalk lies 'Octopus,' a brand new flat ride that creates a sensation that you are being tossed into the lake!"


"That concludes the tour of Sands Amusement park as it is in year 1. Next update I will be revealing the parks largest investment."


- Albert Richardson

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