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A quick trip to Fantasy Forest in Queens, New York

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I had some spare time today and was in the vicinity so I stopped at Flushing Meadows Park to ride their new coaster relocated from Jeepers in Southfield, Michigan.


Flushing Meadows is a huge park, the former site of two World's Fair and the location of Tennis' US Open. But for all the history of the place, it felt eerily like I was back in China. I arrived at the park not knowing exactly where Fantasy Forest was, luckily it was very close to where I parked the car. I'll let the pictures help tell the story.


The first thing I encountered was a woman selling some strange colored drinks outside the park. Like in China, I did not understand what she was saying. Also, just like China I did not want to take a change on a mystery drink being sold out of a jug.


I checked out the map, just as I did in China and luckily the map was in English and at least it looks like the carousel is close. I assume the carousel is near the coaster.


As I'm walking to the rides I see unused sports fields just like I did in China.


Then I look the other way and see a zoo, I never realized there was a zoo in this city park.


The ticket booth had this cool sign.


But here is the sign that matters.


I gotz my ticketz


Proof that I was at least sitting in the coaster, maybe I only drove to the park, bought the tickets and never rode.


The very popular layout


From another angle


No word filter necessary, this coaster has awesome noodles.


Although I was most impressed with the motor in a plastic garden box.


The park has a historic carousel


great craftsmanship


In case anyone is curious here's the zoo prices. Some of the more interesting animals listed in the brochure include have Bison, Lynx, Pumas and Bears.


other kiddie rides: Frog Hopper


Kiddie Train


Mini Himilaya


Damn, I missed the Clown Show

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I think I can help identify the mystery fluids in the shopping cart as I spent 5 years in SoCal. The brown liquid looks like Horchata, which I can only describe as Cinnamon flavored milk (tried it twice and made me sick both times) The middle one is similar to Tang, and the left one, not quite sure... Never even knew there was a small park in Queens, cool report.

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