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Eurofighter for Adventure World, Perth

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I'm so happy with how this turned out, and the grand opening ceremony looks like it was amazing! No Australian park has ever had a grand opening like that, nor have they had marketing for the ride as good as that. I think the manager of Adventure World should be commended for putting the Gold Coast theme parks to shame.

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I'm so happy with how this turned out, and the grand opening ceremony looks like it was amazing! No Australian park has ever had a grand opening like that, nor have they had marketing for the ride as good as that. I think the manager of Adventure World should be commended for putting the Gold Coast theme parks to shame.


Could not agree more!

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Our local radio DJs got to ride Abyss during its media day or earlier this week, and have included a video of the entire ride from the back seat (from about 2m50s onward).


The video is hosted on Nova radio's own site, so hopefully that's also accessible from outside Australia, and hasn't been geo-blocked!


Link is here


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After watching it get built for so long, it was great to finally see that OTSR click in this afternoon.


The ride is very intense and although short, packs a punch. At 6'5ft. I was very comfortable in the trains, this didn't last long once the ride started but I am not complaining as it was awesome. Would love to see how much difference a lap bar restraint would make as it is not the smoothest ride once you leave the station, also after holding my arms up for the first ride, I felt like they had been sawed (pun?) from my shoulders, there is not much room for movement.


Initial feedback from me is very good, the ride is up there with the best Australia has to offer.


The ride ops were doing a great job, checking every time there was an empty seat for two riders or a single rider, they also kept us informed of any issues (more on this later).


Review of ride (spoiler alert?)...


Dark section - Very effective with no music, no lights and a small voiceover/ soundtrack before the first drop, this leads into an inline twist which takes you to the base of the lift hill. I cannot choose a favourite between the smaller dark ride drop or the main drop but the smaller one in darkness felt much more intense for me.


The lift and first drop are as expected but the standout element of Abyss is the airtime hill... it is as intense as the videos suggest (as well as one of the biggest head choppers I have experienced).


All went well except for some delays which led to the ride closing down in the time I was there, (it is after all only it's second night of operation and I am sure it has been fixed). On my last ride we were stopped on the MCBR for about 5 minutes (see photos) as well as a good 15 minute wait at the station once we returned, I did not see another occupied car leave the station while I was there.


The ride ops were great, the ride is amazing, the theming is very detailed and from what I saw the peeps were very happy with what they rode, thank you and well done Adventure World.


1 of 4 cars


Queue theming






Snack shop (I honestly thought this would be a photo shop or souvenir shop?)














Ejector Airtime, up there with the best





My fav pic of the night









Queue area


Themed druid walking amongst the peeps


Stuck on the MCBR


Nice view



Entrance to Abyss at dusk


All of the people who were in line leaving the area after some issues with the ride


Theming gets a 10/10

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Any ride that opens with a lot of FIRE is OK by me. I'm curious about the "dark ride" section.


I hate to use the word 'Ironic', but sadly Adventure World's celebrations turned a bit sour last night. They had a fire that badly damaged one of the oldest and most dominant icons in the park, the fairy castle.


news here and here


picture source - 'Perth Now'.


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^ Thanks dude, it's been fun keeping this thread updated.


^^ Very sad, I remember some projected video that used to play inside the castle back in the late 80's, it didn't really offer much but was definitely an iconic piece of the parks history. Glad no one got hurt. Maybe they can turn the castle into the station of the next coaster?

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