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YES!! it's purepwnage... that's actually a small part of episode 5. You can download episodes 1-8 at www.purepwnage.com I've always loved pure pwnage, it's a great series, and that clip is a good example of it. Some people don't find it funny though, it seems to be something you either love or hate. Well, give it a try, I think it's great!


and btw, its Counterstrike:source that he's playing

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That guy needs to go to therapy. Even if he's behaving that way to give his video that extra kick he thinks he's giving it, he clearly has some issues he needs to sort out. Get this guy some horse tranquilizers or something. Sheesh :shock:

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Yeah, I thought it was staged, too.

My kids used to watch me play Tony Hawks Pro Skater on the PS1. They'd start laughing at me because they said it was funnier to watch me than the game. I guess I used to move my legs and feet like I was riding the board when i was on the couch.

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