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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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The coaster that's given me the most intense individual moments of ejector airtime, is without a doubt, Storm Chaser! Absolutely forceful, relentless airtime! El Toro would be a close second in the individual moments department.


The coaster with the most total airtime, I'd say is still probably The Voyage, though I don't find it as strong as SC, ET, or even Maverick, in the individual airtime department.


Honorable mention to Magnum, which I don't feel is in the top 3 of either airtime, but is in the top 5 for both, and is by far the oldest coaster to be delivering such extravagant airtime!

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I think the woman on Texas Giant a few years back would argue that ride has the best air time! ( Too Soon! )



That joke is in terribly bad taste.

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^ Hey it's late (where I am). And everybody makes a mistake, from time to time.


BTW, my own Coaster at Playland(PNE) gives some pretty awesome airtime, especially

after the first run around the layout. Then it gets.... some nasty airtime.


Right in the middle is where all the WTF happens. Photo from Joyrides/Joe Schwartz, thanks!

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I second the vote Vancouver Playland coaster mentioned above -- the restraints when I rode (which was well over 20 years ago) allowed you to almost stand during some of the airtime. Not sure it's the "best airtime" for me, but it's great.


Steel Vengeance probably takes my "best airtime" vote, but we are in limerence right now. (El Toro remains close by, as does Superman/ bizarro / whatever the hell it's now called at SFNE).

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