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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Without a doubt, the Rolling Thunder Hill on El Toro.


Runners up would be the 3rd hill on Bizarro and the final bunny hop on Coaster @ PNE Playland.

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I have to say Skyrush. Pretty much all of those hills are just unbelievable. I have never experienced an out of control feeling before like on that ride. Those restraints really intensify that feeling of being ejected from the train.

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My vote goes to El Toro due to the fact the "Rolling Thunder Hill" looks very deceiving. Coming around that turn, it just appears like a another nice, typical drop coming. Actually, it's an intense catapult into the most amazing twisted mess of track that is the second half of El Toro.


Phoenix has got to be the best "stand-up" airtime ever, but when you easily see that double-up/double-down ahead you should be aware that something epic is coming. Therefore, El Toro has the edge, because I never saw it coming until it occurred.

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I have to agree with what others have said and say the Rolling Thunder hill on El Toro followed by the ejector hill on Bizarro (the largest hill on the return run). Runner-ups include (in no particular order):


The drop off the midcourse brakes on GhostRider (before the brakes were turned on)

The long sustained floater hill on Goliath (SFMM)

Cyclone's (SFNE) first drop if you're in the back car

The bunny hops on Magnum XL-200's return run

The non-trimmed hills on any B&M or Intamin Mega

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I haven't yet been on El Toro, Skyrush, or some of the others mentioned. But, for me, the airtime hills on Magnum are quite wicked. Even the little airtime hill before the Horsehoe rolls on Maverick is fun as well. I'm looking forward to hopefully trying out Skyrush and its crazy airtime this summer.

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Jeez, so many votes for El Toro's RT transition and Skyrush's first hill. Another reason why living on the West Coast sucks.


I'm still over here hoping people over here know where I'm coming from when I mentioned Magnum's.


Any Arrows or GCIs? All I'm seeing here are votes for B&M and Intamin coasters.

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After finally riding El Toro and Intimidator i305 this summer I still have to give the edge to Cyclops at Mount Olympus at the Dells. It is small for coaster which is perhaps why it's final drop is so goddamned surprising and scary. I can do nothing but hold on for dear life on Cyclops while I can keep my hands up for the entirety of El Toro and Intimidator and every other ride made by Intamin I've been on.


Don't get me wrong, I love Intamin. I'm just trying to emphasize what a freak of nature Cyclops is. Made by CCI before they knew exactly how much was too much.

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Wild Thing at Valleyfair, hands down the 2nd and 3rd hills are huge floater air. It is typical to float over the top of the 2nd hill and not land back in your seat till you get to the bottom of that hill, same goes for the 3rd hill. Made by Morgan so not sure how many other Morgans are out there so maybe most people haven't ridden a Morgan.

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I didn't find much airtime on Bizarro...

But, Thunderbolt's last bunny hop (the one with trims) was fantastic. I flew up out of my seat. Ride of Steel at SFA also has some amazing airtime. But the best for me would be El Toro's RT hill....amazing!


Runners up also include:

Sidewinder at EG- You really fly up on that drop out of the station.

Nitro at Great Adventure- Awesome floater airtime on every single hill.

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El Toro's Rolling Thunder hill takes the cake (as evidenced by the location on my profile...)


Runners up:

The double-up, double-down on Phoenix

I305's first hill simply for how long it sustains the strong negatives.

The airtime hill on Maverick before the horseshoe roll, because it caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting such a strong hill.

I'm not sure it counts as one hill, but Wild One at SFA's double-up, turnaround, double-down combo makes for some sweet airtime.

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