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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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My vote for wooden coasters would be Shivering Timbers at Michigans Adventure. The coaster offered massive amounts of air time and the ride ops barely cheked the restraints so it was great!!!

As for steel i would vote the last row of raging Bull at SFGAM. Another ride that has great airtime and the ride-ops arent usually too bad on pushing down the restraint.

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Cornball Express


Ride it late in the day or at night in the back seat... One of lifes greater pleasures. Amazing. The best part is that it has buzz bars so with a bit of slack in the seat belt the airtime is unrestained. I'm a skinny teen however the ride pulled the seatbelt so loose by the end of the ride that I litterally slammed the bar on the bunny hops (final). Unbelievible...


Raging Bull's first drop in the back seat is better that MF's first drop period (imo). I was shocked... Blown away... stunned...



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When although Superman can give you a 6 second feel of being weightless there really is no ejector airtime on it :? I don't think anyone has said this one yet so I'll say the only good thing about Deja vu is the great airtime on that! Oh yeah!!! But I've gotten the most intense airtime on Goliath at SFMM (Front Seat, hands off, and have the lapbar raised just a little ) Xcelerator and California Screamin isn't bad either!

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Best SIngle moment of airtime is either Raven's third hill, Goliath's 3rd, or on Storm Runner right before you enter the heartline spin those seection kick @&&. Best over all airtime is Magnum and Apollo's hcariot on steel and Phoenix and Dania beach Hurricaneon wood without a doubt on wood. A good piece of airtime often unnoticed is in the back seat on the Vortex at Kings Island you get launched into the harnesses back there give it a try.

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