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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Rode Shivering Timbers today just minutes after it stopped raining. I've ridden ST a ton of times but never like this. Ejector air on every hill, seriously an almost scarily furious ride. It was great, and kind of overwhelming.


I've been a big fan of ST for a while, but this took the cake.

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Floater- Diamondback 2nd and 3rd hill/ Magnum 3rd hill

Ejector- Phantoms Revenge 2nd half/ Jack Rabbit double down/ Bat Man Knight Flight(Dominator) Hill out of brake run

Most- Voyage

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Apollo's Chariot wins in the category of sustained weightlessness. it just barely edges out a handful of other perfectly-engineered B&M hypers, most of which give amazing floater air.


Intimidator 305 wins in the category of "holy crap this coaster is trying to ditch me" category. not only does it actively toss you out of your seat, it'll sometimes changes direction out from under you, as if it is trying to shake you off.

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I went to knotts the other day and rode ghost rider in the back... I have NEVER had so much airtime on any roller coaster. Every drop I was flying out of my seat!

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For the United States, IMO this list should contain 5 coasters:


1. Boulder Dash...most moments.

2. New Texas Giant...insane ejector

3. El Toro...lots of airtime.

4. Bizarro...lots of airtime as well.

5. Phoenix...buzz bars for the win!

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^It was even better before the MCBR started bringing the train to a screeching halt.





The "drop" back then was amazing, but now that it is neutered, it doesn't pack as much of a punch.


Anyways, for the few coasters I have ridden:


Desperado always has ball crushing airtime

Xcelerator's top hat in the front also i very nice

Ghost rider in the back in it's "prime" days

California Screaming before it got neutered as well.



Man, I need to travel more!

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Screamin' still offers some very nice airtime just before the loop.


I totally forgot about Perilous Plunge. In the last row it offers some INSANE airtime!

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From what I've ridden, I think its Magnum xl 200. It has one hill with almost 5 seconds of airtime(second hill after first drop) and tons of ejector afterwards. Sure, it may be bumpy, but it still has airtime.

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Out of what I've been on, the following four are what I would consider as having the most airtime throughout the entire train (in no particular order):


Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure Park

Intimidator at Carowinds

Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point


Other than those four, there are only two or three coasters I've been on that I would say actually have a decent amount of airtime, and those are mainly in a single seat or a small number of seats. Fortunately, this year I'll get on several rides well-known for delivering a large amount of airtime.

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Can I get some Goliath at La Ronde love? Every hill was filled with perfect floater. At least when I rode it with the trims on.



That thing just looks like an airtime machine....unfortunately I don't hear too much about it. Is La Ronde even worth visiting?

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The best airtime rides would be the following.


Cyclops @ Mount Olympus

Jackrabbit @ Kennywood

El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure

Bizarro @ Six Flags New England

Coaster @ PNE Playland

Boulderdash @ Lake Compounce

Phoenix @ Knoebels

Phantoms Revenge @ Kennywood

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Out of what I've been on Magnum wins. Also I remember a lot of air on Shivering Timbers but it's been a while since I've ridden it so I may not be remembering correctly.


You're remembering correctly, ST has some serious airtime.

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