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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Wood: El Toro


Huge air on the first 2 hills after the drop, and IMHO one of the best airtime moments out there on the hill that passes over Rolling Thunder.


Steel: Bizarro at SFNE


The third and fourth hills on this ride provide extreme air for 3-4 seconds and several more moments are had in the ride's second course.

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Colossos - Heide Park, the first camelbacks you've over -1 G.


Same here! Love that coaster!!! Verry curious for El Toro this summer!!! From what I read here, it is even better!

So I expect so much about this ride!

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1# iSpeed (Mirabilandia)

2# BigFm Expedition GeForce (Holidaypark)

3# Superman (Parque Warner)


1#... Insane Airtime at the top hat and the first camelback, you get punched out the seat..

2#... I have to say it, it's my homepark and GeForce an awesome ride full of airtime..

3#... I was really surprised by this one, powerful airtime at the first drop, zero-g, camelback! ..

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Diamondback in the front seat. Lonnngggg periods of sustained almost ejector air, and much more airtime. Back seat goes the same way.



I loved Diamondback because the airtime was so long, where you felt like it lasted for a few seconds. Maybe some of the most enjoyable airtime I've felt.


On the other side of the spectrum is Magnum and Maverick with crazy ejector, which is also very fun and surprising.

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I'm pretty sure the best airtime moment is on that hill between Tell City and Santa Claus depending on who is driving. However they were reprofiling that so it may be done now.


One of the best airtime moments is not discussed enough, I think due to a tunnel. Magnum's third hill in the ejector seat (1-3) is amazing. Other OMG airtime moments include a few hills on Shivering Timbers, the drop on Cyclops, Raven's 5th if you know when to ride, Superman: Ride of Steel (America) on the return hill after the helix, and back seat of Voyage first drop (hands up, look up, and it feels like you just jumped off a cliff).


For overall airtime, I would have to give the nod to Hell Cat. Every hill on that rides does what you want.


A few pages back someone mentioned Wild One. While an out and back needs a few more airtime spots to get more attention, this ride does have its moments. Back in the buzz bar days, I was riding with my father and we both got launched into the bar on a hill on the return run. We hit it so hard the bar popped open. Both of quickly brought our hands back down and slammed the bar shut. It locked so we figured we fixed it and got back in line for another ride.

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Diamondback in the front seat. Lonnngggg periods of sustained almost ejector air, and much more airtime. Back seat goes the same way.


I beg to differ, I think Intimidator beats Diamondback by a long shot. I rode the front and back of diamondback and didn't get that much air and Diamondback is rough, really shakey.

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Having been on both Diamondback and Intimidator earlier this year, I have to say it's too close to call on the amount of airtime each coaster has. ...Though I will say Intimidator is a much smoother ride. As for ejector air, the closest any of the US B&M hypers come to that is Goliath at SFOG.

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Those trims are long gone!

Hey thanks for telling me, I live pretty close, but after I rode it with the trimming brakes I was disappointed so I stopped researching it. Now that they're gone I'll probably go back to ride it!

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