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Which New England "Lake"?


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I'm on vacation in Rhode Island, done SFNE too many times now, and I'm looking for a new park. I can do either Lake Compounce or Canobie Lake Park. Distance isn't a factor. One's 2 hours, one is 1 hour 50 minutes from the house I'm staying at.


Given the option to choose either/or (not sure if both is an option, so I'm planning for worst case scenario) which park would you choose, and if you could would you please say why?


Thanks so much for your time!

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I would probably go with Lake Compounce, if only because Boulder Dash is an enthusiast must-ride (it's especially good at night). Plus, you can easily work in Quassy, which now boasts the surprisingly awesome Wooden Warrior.


On the downside, most of the flat rides at Compounce are pretty generic and there aren't all that many. Canobie is the place to go if you love flat rides; they have a diverse collection, many of them rare (Rotor, indoor Scrambler, Caterpillar, unique dark ride, etc.) Yankee Cannonball is no Boulder Dash, but it's light years better than Wildcat at Compounce.

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I'd pick Lake Compounce as well, Boulder Dash is awesome, their Boomerang is one of the smoother ones I've been on, the skyride is good, and they have a great log flume. Plus all the free soda your kidneys can handle and the water park is there if it's hot.

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