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Retro Photo TR: Geauga Lake

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More pics from the vault. These are of Geauga Lake mid 80's pre Six Flags takeover and destruction.


Corkscrew. They were notorious for letting the ride run with the restraints locked but not pushed down!


Corkscrew and Big Dipper




Double Loop






The Wave. at the time one of the largest wave pools in the country


Big Dipper







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This is good stuff, thanks for sharing. I visited GL in '07, it's last season of operation and it was sad to see the Sea World side of things sitting abandoned. I'm glad they decided to keep Wildwater Kingdom open as it seemed to be popular when I was there.

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Thanks for the classic pictures of Geauga Lake. I first went there in 1999 when it was Six Flags over Ohio, then a year later when it was renamed Six Flags World of Adventure. My last time was in 2005 when Cedar Point took over and renamed it Geauga Lake once more. That last visit could've been considered a sad-event-yet-to-come because the park was nearly deserted. Little did I know that three rides from that park would be transferred to Kings Dominion: Dominator, Americana, and another ride in which I cannot remember what it was called, but it sucked mud water and I'm glad they put Windseeker in it's place.


But it's still sad that Villian, Double Looper, and The Big Dipper couldn't be transferred.

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Thanks so much for these photos! I remember going to this park in the year Raging Wolf Bobs opened. Funny how I saw those two Arrow rides as so intimidating at the time ( I didn't ride a looping coaster until I was 15).


That aside, I love how both double loop and corkscrew were painted simple black, instead of the multicolored mess that double loop got towards the end of the park's life. So 80's in its own wonderful way.

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