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Theme Park Review In The TOP TEN?!?

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Congrats to the both of you. It is a pleasure to know you both. Not meaning "knowing" in the biblical sense. But as in "to know" in the knowing sense. Like I "know" that I know you both, and I "know" that this post is going no where.


God I make myself sick sometimes. It's no wonder I have a bleeding ulcer.


Anyway, you two deserve it. Not deserve in the biblical sense. Wait, yes, deserve in the biblical sense. Hell, deserve in every sense.


Anyway...You guys rock!


Oh, Phishy... Nice Avatar!


Oh look... A doggie!


Guy "gotta run" Koepp

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This is likely the first and only time someone will thank you for wasting their bandwidth... I'm gonna enjoy it...


Still Robb thats kinda scary... I mean you ranked above ParamountParks... WTH does that say? You guys should ceremonially burn something... I don't know maybe a roll of toilet paper but something must be burned in celebration of this occasion. Oh and I want to see some pics.


Congrats Robb and Elissa. Keep up the good work. I'll continue to keep an eye on your site. BTW Robb any chance of an RSS feed for front page updates? I loves my RSS...

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TPR kicks ass! You guys totally deserve that, because this site roxors! It's the friendliest site, and you guys always have awesome vids and pics. The first one I ever saw was at Alton Towers w/ Nemesis, and I thought "Who are these peope?" I left LA too soon, I woulda loved to meet y'all in person.

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