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[NL] New NL videos.

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If you want download links, go to the video link! The best two are the first and second. All are intense Intamin coasters!




This Newton, Inatamin, launching steel coaster has no red G's, a 77 mph launch, 3 inversions, and two thirds of a mile track length.


This ride is inspired by Blue Fire, Stormrunner, and Xcelerator.


A 77 mph launch into a Stormrunner-like top hat-ish element. Then, it goes through a banked turn into an air time hill and goes up into a dive loop. Then it banks out of that into another air time hill and another, but different, dive loop. Then, it goes into a Blue Fire style vertical loop, air time over a previous banked turn, and a banked turned tunneled section. After that, the brakes hit, and it goes into the exit station (there are two stations because I designed it to have great capacity for a launch coaster. there are three 24 passenger trains.)










This next ride is:


79 MPH


200 Feet tall


4,750 Feet long


Modeled after a Skyrush/Expedition Geforce combo, but it is very original. It has stuff never done in coaster history.


This is the greatest NL Coaster I've made. It combines speed, air time, smoothness, high speed turns, and great terrain. Supports are 95% hand made, track is 100% hand made, and the station and scenery are also hand made. I tried to make a retro style station. It looks cool. All is done by me. I have a photo album for the ride on Photobucket.











This is Lion, King of the Thrill. It uses similar launching and braking systems to intamin lsm launching rides like Maverick and Cheetah Hunt. The thing is that this one launches 0-106 and has a top hat. My goal was to combined an airtime filled intamin hyper, an intamin strata, and an intamin lsm. It has mostly non-custom supports, but the top hat and helix are custom. This ride has air time galore!


The official style of this ride is an Intamin LSM Strata-Hyper.




Speed: 106 MPH


Length: 5,684 Feet


Height: 375 Feet


Drop: 350 Feet


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Yeah, no.


If you're gonna post up videos to your own stuff that's great... but you gotta put more content in to your thread/posts. This isn't acceptable at all.


We're happy to host things here, but one of the more important things to note is that content sells. Please add more content in the next 24 hours by editing your post, or I'll be removing it.



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