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Photo TR: Electric Daisy Carnival 2013


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So this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the "Electric Daisy Carnival" (EDC), which is known as a giant "rave." But as I found out, it is actually the largest music festival in North America (100,000-110,000 people a night) and offers a whole lot more than barely dressed women and furrys.


Even if you don't like the music (I have to admit, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would), the production itself is so large scale and impressive you can't help but leave going "wow."


For us theme park nerds, it featured a ride lineup that rivals or beats your local fair!


EDC takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (which is about 20-30 minutes from the strip, next to Nellis AFB). So I get to take cool pictures like this. Not pictured: a sign I saw in the ICC center that said Indy has a radio code for when a driver experiences over 60G's. Holy crap!


This was the main stage. It was the largest temporary stage ever built in North America. The DJ's would be set up in the "owls nest" underneath the Owl's wings. The Owl itself was a giant animatronic where the wings would open for a DJ's intro, then the head and eyes would interact for the set.


Here's the main stage in action. I think this was AVICII or Tiesto's set for you EDM fans.


And for our lighting guys on here...a photo from the FOH deck to show what powered the main stage.


This was my personal favorite stage. All those video screens on the ceiling were on trusses that moved during DJ sets.


...And another of the 7 total stages they had for the weekend.


One last stage photo taken from the roof. You'll also notice there happens to be rides at EDC. What a perfect segway!


There were two zippers...


...A Zamperla Disk'O & KMG Inversion...


...an ARM drop tower...


...AND a Fabbri drop tower...


...A credit...


...And FOUR ferris wheels...plus a bunch of other rides I didn't bother to take pictures off.


If rides or EDM music weren't your thing...there was lots of other things to take in....like fireworks!


...Random cool looking art structures throughout...


...having a gourmet meal on a private deck overlooking the main stage just for dinner packages...


...enjoy ridiculously priced alcohol from a cabana deck hosted by Marquee nightclub that was bottle service only...


...and even get married!!

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Dude! I was working at the Cosmo all that weekend. It was Insane the ammount of barely there outfits the chicks were wearing. I was in heaven. I would just lounge in the hotel lobby after work, boob and ass watchin'.


It was awesome!


And the chicks were stupid hawt!

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I didn't know EDM had rides! That would be cool if more concert festivals had rides. Nothing like killing time on rides in between bands.

Actually, although it's on a MUCH smaller scale, my local park in my town has a music festival with some decent rudes... It's awesome.. Two great things for the price of one.. Music and rides!

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It's really insane how different of a world Vegas becomes when EDC is in town. Some aspects are awesome, the women, the light crowds at strip attractions. Other things are annoying, like drunk teens running amok and all the traffic. All in all it definitely made work more interesting.

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If you insist....


Here's Holly Madison (in the Yellow & Black) if that counts!


...Or you can play your very own game of Where's Waldo and find a hot chick amongst the crowd.

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