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Mexican amusement park offers simulated border crossing


El Alberto is an indigenous town in central Mexico with a history of mass migration to the United States that sits nearly 700 miles from the country's shared border with the United States.


Despite the distance, though, a group of tourists a town amusement park got the chance to simulate crossing the border illegally.


The goal, according to CNN, is to educate Mexicans on just how dangerous it is to cross the border in an effort to stem the emigration tide. Tourists pay about $20 for the four-hour experience.


The realistic tour includes hiding from border guards, an ambush and being stopped by a gang of drug traffickers. Some members of the group went through a simulated arrest and others were blindfolded and went through a fake abduction



Courtesy of WJLA news

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So who is the target audience for this? Locals or tourists like us?


I'm pretty sure it is locals. From one of the articles I read it appears the purpose is to warn Mexicans of the dangers of illegally crossing the border.

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