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Canobie Lake Park Photo TR: 5/4/13

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I didn't get around to posting this until now, but about a month and a half ago I made my annual trip to my favorite park in New England, Canobie Lake Park. While Six Flags may have more roller coasters and Lake Compounce may be more well known, I just love the atmosphere at Canobie. The entire park is well shaded and the park looks fantastic! Also, I would like to give a shout out to the employees. They are the friendliest employees that I have encountered at any amusement park and they were energetic from opening until closing.


Unfortunately, the park's newest ride, the Equinox, was closed during my visit. I didn't see any maintenance workers by the attraction all day. I was really looking forward to giving this ride a whirl, but nonetheless I had an amazing day. Crowds were very light as the longest wait I had was 10 minutes for Star Blaster the Yankee Cannonball towards the end of the day.


The Yankee Cannonball is the park's signature attraction. It's hard to get good photos of this coaster from inside the park as it runs along the perimeter of the employee parking lot.


Despite its age, the Yankee Cannonball is extremely smooth. It's one of my favorite coasters anywhere as almost all of the hills give really good air-time from start to finish.


Untamed gives Canobie a strong 1-2 coaster punch.


I really like how the park painted the supports to resemble birch trees. Its touches like this that make Canobie special in my opinion.


The beyond vertical plunge packs a mighty wallop. It's one of my favorite drops anywhere and provides major ejector air.


Canobie themed the entire area of the attraction extremely well. It looks a lot better than it did when the old USA Mission simulator was there.


Not to be forgotten is Canobie's other major coaster, the Corkscrew. It was just painted blue this past offseason and looks fantastic. Maybe it's just me, but this is a really smooth Arrow looper and there is no head-banging during the corkscrews.


Star Blaster is a S&S double shot. I highly recommend riding on the side facing the lake.


While small in stature, this is easily one of my favorite drop towers anywhere. The ejector air at the apex is outstanding.


Star Blaster's compression tank is very well hidden. It's housed inside this building, which can be seen during a ride on the nearby Antique Cars.


Canobie's Sky Ride provides some really good pictures of the far side of the park.


The Skater is perfect family ride. I do miss the old Paratrooper that resided in this spot though.


Da Vinci's Dream is one of my favorite swing rides anywhere. This one seems to be run noticeably faster and has a nice setting near the lake. Sadly the cycle was really short this year.


Da Vinci's entire area is very well themed.


Over the Rainbow may look innocent, but this ride can have teeth. The balloons are extremely easy to spin and can result in one of the most dizzying experiences anywhere.


Canobie boasts two car rides. Of the two, I prefer this one, the Canobie 500. However, I could see the park removing one of the car rides in the future to free up room for another major attraction.


Canobie Village has a great atmosphere. It's the shadiest area of the park and is home to two of the parks three water rides.


Their flume is one of the best anywhere. It has a great layout and features two drops.


The final plunge was rehabbed this past off-season and had the track replaced.


Of the two drops, the first plunge is far wetter.


And no Canobie trip report is complete without the Roller Coaster Tycoon-inspired food stands.


Must resist urge to take burger!


As a whole, I really like Canobie's food offerings. It's some of the best theme park food anywhere in my opinion. My favorite is the Portofino restaurant.


More flags, more fun!


If you're in New England and a fan of traditional parks, definitely make a stop at Canobie Lake Park and you won't be disappointed.

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Nice pictures! This park popped onto my radar when Untamed was built.


Also, I just finished reading Joyland by Stephen King (loosely modeled after Canobie), so seeing these pictures was really fun.

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