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Is Your Favorite Park a Chain or Independent?

Is your favorite park a chain or independently owned.  

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  1. 1. Is your favorite park a chain or independently owned.

    • Chain (ex: Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney, etc.)
    • Independent

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Pound-for-pound, I'd go with independent (Kennywood, Hershey Park, Knoebels etc)


Kennywood is a chain.


Independent for me. Can't get the same atmosphere and details as you do in most chain parks.

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Being in CA and based on all the parks I've been to, I have to say chain. But if I lived in PA or a place that had a great independent park my answer might be different.

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My favorite park is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which is part of a chain. My second favorite park is Holiday World, which is an independent park. Both definitely provide great experiences, but I have to vote for chain because the rest of my top five are all chain parks and there's only one other independent park in my top ten.

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That is a tough choice as my two favorite parks are very close, and consist of a park in each category, those parks being Knoebels and Dollywood. In the end, I guess I would go with independent, but that might be my recent trip to Knoebels talking.

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I voted chain, but I loved my experience at Hershey, but I had amazing experiences at Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, and Dorney Park, where all the staff were super nice a friendly, along with the parks being very clean and tidy, and very well run.

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I've only ever been to Kings Island and Cedar Point. So, my vote has to go to chain.


I would love to visit other parks, but as a jobless 16 year old with no one close to me who shares my passion, that ain't likely to happen anytime soon.

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It's interesting that so many moderators have a hard time choosing between two disparate parks, but I have Knoebels slightly ahead of Tokyo Disney Sea.

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