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That's awesome they have a classic ride section and that those rides are still popular! Something else that would never happen in the U.S.


Classic for us is a Zipper.

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EPIC reports; thanks so much!


The classic rides section is incredible, a functional museum. It's so awesome they keep them operating! And that rotor building is spectacular.


I'm sure this has been said before: these German fairs have better ride collections than a fair number of permanent, big-brand theme parks. Amazing. HAVE to get to one someday.

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^^The Wildwasser 3 by showmen Löwenthal needs 60 long standard containers to transport. Trucks are only used for transport to the nearest cargo train station where 2 trains take it to the next location. In addition there are 5 trucks hauling the caravans and service-container.


^On larger rides like the coasters, water rides and most inversion rides you buy a ticket and then have a regular queue were the tickets are collected before getting into the ride. All flats - even some inversion rides - you buy a plastic token, then head onto the open platform as soon as the ride stops to secure a seat. This can get quite stressful at popular rides - a Break Dancer can re-start within half a minute, there're mostly loud honks signaling that the ride is full and the ride-cycle begins immediatly but ride-attendants, who also collect the tokens, shove you off the plattform. And yes, it's cash only - make sure to have enough coins and small notes. Notes over €50 are generally not accepted, many showmen look angrily at you if you pay with a €50 note. If you're a first time visitor go to the fair as soon as it opens as crowds will be lower.

That's amazing!Thanks for the info and great pictures.

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PhotoTR Part 4 - Rheinstrasse


Rheinstrasse is the second midway on the bank of the river Rhine. Located here were the two big coasters as well as two popular beertents - Füchschen and Erdinger.


View down Rheinstrasse


Standard Mack Wild Mouse built around a tree.


Large Break Dancer 2 located to the right of Olympia.



First drop goodness


Newly painted loops


The plaza before the Füchschen Brewery beertent offered a Waveswinger, Olympia, Break Dance 2, Zamperla Jumper and the Mondial Observation Tower




View into the Füchschen beer tent


Those foxes are very naughty


Footers in the grass







Anyone up for some sweets?


Found the good beer!


Bavarian beer garden


Happy Sailer from Bremen - Mack Peter Pan variant with spinning boats


Alpina first drop goodness!


Floating airtime hill


The entry portal alone needs 2 trucks to haul.




This answers a previous question on this thread...


If beer isn't kicking enough here you get Schnapps


Ghost In A Shell?


Mandial Shaker "Shake&Roll" is themed to the heyday of the 50s




Hmmmm.....this is not Olympia???


Barth also had a Mack Himalaya here



Shortly before joining the Radschlägerstrasse at the TopScan stood this Huss Magic


Ran a way better program than the Magic at Heide-Park. Stay tuned for some videos next week.

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From what I've gleaned looking at TRs like this one, the rides at German fairs always seem to look nice, clean, and well maintained, which is more than I can say for fairs in the U.S.


Need to ride Olympia Looping one of these days.

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^Except for kiddie coasters we hadn't any brand new coasters since Euro-Star which went quite fast as it got rough very fast. The last *new* coaster we had was showman Steiger Teststrecke - the used Schwarzkopf Double-Loop Laser. After Euro-Star I think no showmen wanted to take the risk of buying a new non-Schwarzkopf portable coaster - which are proven to run smooth and reliable after 30 years.


After Laser I hope - even if those hopes are small but no one thought an old Double-Loop would return from the US - that Thriller will return someday and will be restored to its original layout. Finally returning to the fairs after being neglegted so many years in the US and Mexico...

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^I stated in another thread it would be cool to see a showman buy the portable EuroFighter (like Typhoon @ Bobbejaanland). The first Zamperla motocoaster I believe had a fixed foundation as well. Would be nice to see something new and exciting again.

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^There are a few Vekomas out there with a fixed foundation, though I wonder how feasible it would be transporting that wider track.

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Rheinkirmes was great!

Me and Ledgy had a lot of fun.

Turns out that beer and schnaps are an ideal combo to do the fun houses

And Olympia Looping is still one of the best coasters in the world! Amazing how smooth and intense a 24 year old coaster can be. Anton sure knew how to make legendary coasters back in the days.

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^Don't Vekomas, like what Jew said, have wider tracks. They also look heavier, use up slightly larger footprint, and don't have that good of experience to them due to their usual roughness.


I know I won't rest until I've made it to a major fair in Europe someday. The ones in the States just don't have some things many European (German, specifically) fairs seem to have, and I unfortunately can' quite describe what.

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^Correct. I believe I read somewhere that they were intended as a portable coaster, but the showmen it was built for couldn't find a feasible way to rack the ride due to the track size.

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The Whirlwind looks like an interesting coaster, mainly because Vekoma at that point in time was going through the "I wanna be Arrow" stage, so I guess the WhirlWind model is the awnser to the original Roaring Twenties Corkscrew that Arrow made. The Corkscrew with BayernKurve model looks more like Vekoma doing their own thing. I still wonder how they got away with essentially stealing Arrow's track style for so many years.

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^I think Vekoma had a license from Arrow to begin with. I don't know the current status as Vekoma developed coasters based on the Arrow system that were Vekoma's own invention like inverted coaster, boomerang that a lower percentage now goes to the license owner for current Vekoma coasters using new evolutions of the Arrow track system.

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