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Retro Trip Report: Dreamland, 1986

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I could attempt to write a funny, light-hearted retro trip report about my childhood visits to Dreamland in Margate, UK. They were fun times that were intertwined with Alton Towers being the UK's number one park, whilst this little park just existed - like it had for oh-so-many years - as London's little escape place. Kiss me Quick hats, awful hen nights (pre-marital last-resort expressions of freedom) and pure fun at a resort that -these days - is blessed equally with golden sands and no visitors. They all go to Brighton - which has a fun amusement park on a pier. Margate died when Dreamland died. Or was taken over by a greedy so and so who felt that there was more money to be made for him in buying up that land and making it a simply fabulous place for peeps to live. He failed. It died. I won't bore you with what's gone on since, but this is what it was in the mid 80s. When it was the UK's number three park - behind Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and itself...


I have a strong opinion about where it's going, but if you care, you already know... Enjoy.

























































Enjoy. x

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Great! Looks like a German carnival from the early 80s! Except of course for the two woodies. EDIT: The Enterprise is a former German carny ride as the sign says: "Loopingspass im Enterprise!"


Schwarzkopf Looping Star, Enterprise, Apollo and Zeppelin. Also lots of Huss goodness and one has to love a park who had a Weber Traumboot - here called Mary Rose.


^I can't rightaway spot an Intamin ride though...

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God I miss Dreamland the stupidly long train journey from Brighton to Margate and just the sheer joy when you got there Looping Star was my first ever coaster and who didnt love The Mary Rose to scare the crap out of your girlfriend back then great Photos thanks for bringing back all those great memories

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