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Bellewaerde Park Discussion Thread

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So this won't have the possibility to brake for yourself during the ride.. How uncommon is this?


Why do you say that?

I'm afraid I cant speak dutch. but the other video here shows the usual braking handle.


It is stated in the article from looopings, in Dutch.

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That sure is different! It will be interesting to see how it looks when it finished. I like the look of it so far with the wooden walkways around the track.


I wonder how much the price difference is between this and the regular terrain type.


I'm not sure if the difference is that big. Yes there is obviously more cost with the supports, but the construction must surlye be a lot easier not having to work with difficult terrain.

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^Wow. They really need to get Robb out there to film and produce a better video. They took what, to me, is one of the coolest installations of the year worldwide (come on, a dueling racing alpine coaster!!!!) and made it look shaky, rough, slow, and uninteresting.


I know this ride is much better than the video.

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Hi there, on behalf of Pretparken.be I went to the opening yesterday of Dawson Duel at Bellewaerde Park. It is a fun and quite unique ride, just a relaxing double alpine coaster ride through the woods from a height of 25m at maximum speeds of around 42km/h. It is just a nice and gentle ride without much g's, just lots of fun. The particular thing about this alpine coaster type ride is that it does not feature breaks on the cars, so they break automatically at the end of the course. Also, it is the only alpine coaster in the world that is entirely built on 'supports' (artificial hill) instead of a natural slope.


Here you can find some pictures and a report about the opening day (sorry guys, text is in dutch!):

Pics and report here!




We also made a nicer onride video than the park one, check it out!



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Wow, been a while since this thread got kicked.


The park is opening a brand new family coaster this season, Wakala, themed to the Kwakiutl (indigenous Canadians).


Looks like a pretty sweet addition. Impressive how few trees had to be cut down for it. I've also never seen a ride where the train goes that far up the spike. :o










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Love how that spike looks like an unfinished section of track.


That train is beautiful. I didn't give the setting enough credit until watching the video. This ride definitely has the same vibes as its fun cousins Firechaser Express and Rewind Racers.

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