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Bellewaerde Park Discussion Thread

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Los Piratas






Out-of-the-blue, the park has closed one of their biggest rides last week, for good.

Los Piratas was an indoor, pirate-themed boat ride, designed by British firm Space Leisure, with a ride system by Mack.


It was one of the park's signature rides, and will be missed, especially its catchy music.

















photos: BellewaerdeFun, Xtremerides.nl, Pretparken.be

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New for 2013:


Replacing Los Piratas:


  • custom indoor Zierer Family Coaster
    height: 15 m
    length: 500 m
    speed: 50 kph
    forces: 4G positive
    ride time: 2 min
    trains: 2 trains, 20 people each (10 rows of 2)
    capacity: 1000 pph
    cost: € 4 million


It will start out as a dark ride, with lots of special effects, including fire.

Then a lifthill takes you outside through the roof, only to drop you right back into the building for an indoor coaster finale.

On-board music.


It will be the park's first new roller coaster since 1984, when it opened one of the world's first Boomerangs.

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I am not really understanding what was so special about this ride. If anything, it seems like a knock-off Pirates. I personally say that a new coaster will be a much better use of that space primarily just because of how cheap the ride looked.


It was one of the park's signature rides


And in terms of theming, it certainly didn't seem to be majorly cheap in any way. This new coaster looks cool, the concept sort of reminds me of the old Mayan Mindbender at Six Flags Astroworld, except this coaster looks like it will have better (actual) theming inside.

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All of the European dark rides seem have a unique charm to them, walking that fine line between cheesy knock off and good themeing. They're all very enjoyable. This one looks like it fit right into that category.

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another update from the park:






Plan for the darkride part:


impression for the final zone:


Track layout presentation:


it's a train:


Backstage tour:

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I think its a good concept, and a great way to replace an existing dark ride with an updated themed coaster. This will definitely lead to more theme park patrons, especially as the ride appeals to adults and children. The teaser promo posted earlier makes the ride seem more extreme than it will be. Also, I can't get over the cheesy music with the POV video

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