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TPR's Taiwan Trip - Mini Updates!

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Part Two - Janfusun Fancyworld posted HERE!

Part Three - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village & Atayal HERE!

Part Four - Lihpao Land, Gravity Max, and Shan Grila HERE!

Part Five - Leofoo Park and Window On China - HERE!



TPR is currently in Taiwan! We'll update you as much as we can with some photos & videos. Follow us on Twitter for lots of live updates -

or Facebook for a few updates as well - http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.


On to some photos & video!


Here is a view of our bus. This guy has like his office in here complete with a garden of plants. Love it!


One thing we love about Asia is all the different "tap to pay" and RFID type of system. They've had "MagicBands" for years!


Frozen beer anyone?


Amidst all the technically advanced electronics you find in Taiwan...there sits the "Shake Weight!"


Yay! One of our first stops... Din Tai Fung! This is one of our favorite restaurants, and you can find them in many places in Asia! (Google it!)


Din Tai Fung is like foreplay and... well... everything else for Elissa! =)


The next day we went to visit the third tallest building in the world, Taipei 101!


Christmas Card photo!


Taipei 101 features the "World's Fastest Elevator!" It actually hits 1,000 at one point!


Checking out Taiwan from 1,300 feet in the air!




In case you forgot how to poop... The bathrooms in Taipei 101 remind you.


"Super Big Wind Damper"


And there it is!


Yup, it's big.


Yay! We ended up at Din Tai Fung again!


This dude is bringing food just for Elissa!


Our first theme park in Taiwan, E-DA Theme Park!


Thank you E-DA. We feel very welcomed.


E-DA is home to a one-of-a-kind Vekoma shuttle coaster called "Big Air." Unfortunately, the "turning" feature of this ride no longer works, but it was still a lot of fun!


It get freakishly close to the end of the spikes!


Yup, that's pretty damn vertical!


This is what Big Air does to your faces. (Watch the POV above!)


Troy, anyone?


"Dark Ride" was actually not a "Dark Ride", but actually a custom Vekoma roller skater in the dark!


Hello, Vekoma train!


Ok, it was all in the dark except this lift hill part. Really, the ride was actually quite good!


We found this awesome coin operated, do-it-yourself cotton candy machine!


KidTums made it all by herself! awwwww....


They had a "Soarin'" type ride called "Fly Over Taiwan", but it sorta looked more like "bomb Taiwan!" lol


The ride system was VERY similar to the one Disney uses...


And yep... we flew over Taiwan!


This was terrifying... because a huge part of the park was an indoor, multi-level complex, much like Lotte World, they had all these evacuation areas, which included having to jump out of windows!!!


They had pretty much every kids ride you could find in the Zamperla catalog!


E-DA Park is TPR approved! =)


Love all the awesome arcades you find in these parks!


Gotta pay homage to the game where TPR's similies came from!


Would you believe the park is OPEN...and has been for over two hours when I took this photo?


Their "Splash Battle" ride looked nice...


We are going to see lots of pictures like this over the next few weeks!


"The CLAAAAAAAAAW!!!" (Seriously, how often do you see a claw game with the actual Toy Story aliens?)


We rode in the "Butcher" car! lol


This is where I get all my DooDoo from...


Never seen that font anywhere before! =)


Had a fun visit to E-DA. Nice family park in an "interesting" resort. Setting off to the next part of our adventure...

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Is the big air coaster Vekoma's only one of the model? Also, are you guys going to ride Gravity Max?


E-DA is home to a one-of-a-kind Vekoma shuttle coaster called "Big Air." Unfortunately, the "turning" feature of this ride no longer works, but it was still a lot of fun!


Haven't seen much on the Taiwanese parks so looking forward to the rest of the updates!

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Great Taiwan pics so far, looks like lots of fun. Glad you got to go to the original country of Din Tai Fung. I've tried the Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, CA and loved it. You need to try 85º C if you haven't yet. I've tried the one in West Covina, CA but its supposed to be all over Taiwan, like the Starbucks of Taiwan.

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Is the big air coaster Vekoma's only one of the model?

Did you READ the trip report I posted before asking a stupid question?

Also, are you guys going to ride Gravity Max?

No, we're going to come all the way out to Taiwan and NOT ride Gravity Max.


--Robb "Stop wasting our time with dumb questions." Alvey

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I had no idea TPR was doing a Taiwan trip this year. I'll certainly be sure to follow this as I know very little about the parks in that area (I only really know of Discovery World and Janfusun Fansyworld). E-DA Theme Park looks like a nice park, Big Air looks fun and Dark Ride a pretty good junior coaster.


I can't wait to see what's next.

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The world needs more of these funky rides. Unfortunately us westerners are too caught up in "build it bigger and faster!" rather than "build it fun!" Great stuff, as always, Robb!

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