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Favorite travel places besides amusement parks


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So what are your favorite non amusement park destinations? I was recently in Puerto Rico and I had an amazing time. This winter I am going to the Caribbean on a NCL cruise for 7 nights (leave out of Tampa so may still go to BGT) but obviously that is just a bonus. What are some of the top places you have been to do stuff other than amusement parks? Even if the city has amusement parks, I usually would do one place and the rest of the time do cultural/foodie things.

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1.) Amusement Parks

2.) Amusement Parks

3.) Amusement Parks


Actually my favorite destination was probably Washington DC when we went last year. I also like to go to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, but that's only because they have a really good ice cream place called Just Scoops with a Fat Elvis ice cream (peanut butter and bananas ). And the beach is good away. Finally, I'm not sure if it's a "destination", but when we went to Cincinnati a few years ago, we went down to Kentucky to go to the Creation Museum, which is probably my favorite museum. I'm not sure if I agree with the ideas the museum portrays, but IMO it was really cool.

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Key West, FL (the only place I would live if not in Philly)


NYC (so close, lots of friends)


Jersey Shore (visit folks, very close)

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Vegas - it always has so much going on in the one place - bands, shows, and even some sport.

New York - just love Manhattan.

New Orleans - Bourbon Street is another planet at night.

San Diego - love the Mission Beach area.

Yosemite - absolutely magnificent, especially from the top of Half Dome.

Paris - love this town , even the French can't spoil it.

London - love the history, even if it's a minefield of disgruntled exes who moved there.

Rome - amazing history, even though it's hotter than the surface of the sun in summer.

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I am glad this thread is brought back!


I have some more:


San Juan: Beautiful beaches, lots of things to do, great food, and an amazing place to visit.

Hawaii: I love the beaches, and lots of things to do around the island.


Next trips I hope to take that don't involve amusement parks:

1) Lima Peru- I want to take a friend. I'd love to see Maccu Piccu but I don't think my frequent flyer miles have availability at the time.

2) Bali or Thailand- Haven't decided which one, but want to go for amazing atmosphere, scuba diving, and food.

3) Dublin, Ireland- I hope to visit it during St. Patricks day next year. I live in Savannah, so I want to see how it compares.


After all these trips I should have about 180K Frequent Flyer miles left to do something. Haven't decided what. I want to visit every continent, so maybe hit up Australia and Morocco.

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we love Las Vegas and go there at least once every couple of years.



otherwise, we have no specific place, tho we DO always try to hit up Aquariums wherever we go. . . love me some Aquariums

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I used to go to Vegas every year, but haven't been for about 5-6 years.

NYC is always an awesome city to visit


Heading to Cabo in a few weeks for a wedding. Never done a beach resort type vacation, so I'm curious if I'll like it.

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