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What Rollercoaster gives you the giggles?

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I was thinking about some of the great coasters I have been on. Many are thrilling, made to make you scream or put your hands in the air or just give you a feeling of conquering the machine at the end.


But what coasters make you laugh, incontrollably, for whatever reason?


My couple of examples are:


Sequoia adventure at Gardaland. The completly different feeling of just tumbling over the edge combined with 2 girls behind me screaming the whole ride left mein hysterics.


The wooden wild mouse at Blackpool pleasure beach. This ride is so out of controll and all over the place, all you can do is give up and laugh.


I would love to hear anyone elses experiences.

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FunCoaster - As much as that ride hurt we could not stop riding, and we were cracking up the entire ride.


Jet Star Two - I was laughing for the entire ride because the person in front of me (who was far larger than me) kept slamming into me.

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Every time I've ridden X2 it's been non stop belly laughing. Maybe it's the fact that every time I've ridden it whoever was with me at the time is freaking out while I'm having the time of my life. I hit the brakes every time with a grin that goes ear to ear.

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I used to have a friend that I went to parks with. Anything I rode with him I was laughing while he was screaming like a little girl....so it wasn't really the ride that gave me the giggles, but his reaction to the rides.

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Every time I ride Ghost Rider at Knotts Berry Farm I feel like I just did 150 sit ups when I get off, as well as a full body workout. For anyone who hasn't ridden, it's a very wild ride.

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Manta at Sea World San Diego. After the second launch the train experiences two great moments of airtime and I just laugh everytime.

I don't know how you laugh through that transition; that thing is intense.


I can't help but laugh all the way through Tatsu. I trust the restraints and Gs too much to treat it like an intense ride, in which I would yell "woah" the whole time. See B&M inverts and GCI woodies for that.

All other rides I usually end up shutting up and smiling on.

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I don't think it's all about how much you enjoy the coaster, my favourites are kraken and nemesis and they didn't make me laugh, but there are some rides that just force me to giggle, whether its because the ride is mad or any ride where there is someone next to me who screams all the way round.


I was on the smiler and the girl next to me screamed all the way through the first half, we hit the mcbr and she turned and said is it over? I'm not going on this again.

I pointed to the vertical lift and said we're halfway there. Was laughing the rest of the way round

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