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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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^My Bad, we are friends now.


Opening my gates for a while. Just started a public service project for a second bridge. The funding is not going so well, as my town has only put about 5,500 bells towards it and I donated 5,000 bells of that. If you could donate, that would be awesome!

Do the villagers actually donate to the projects? I've fully funded all of mine so far!


They do, but its almost nothing! By the way, can you confirm my friend request?


I never have the patience to wait for them. I funded half of my bench (I was too scared to jump right in and fund a bridge, so I figured I couldn't mess anything up with a cliffside bench), went fishing for a couple hours, got frustrated when I came back to no more donations so I just paid it off.


I just about freaked out when I caught a Coelacanth this morning. Some previous games it's taken me YEARS to get one. This time I lucked out on my first rainy day.

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^I think they add money when you are not playing the game. I've come back in after work and had the amount go up but never by a lot.


As for the Coelacanth, I wonder if Nintendo made everything slightly easier to find this time (4 fossils a day instead of 3, etc.). It feels like I am running into the rare fish and bugs a lot more than I did in the previous games and when you look at the different pages in the encyclopedia, its amazing how full they are considering the game has been out for almost 2 weeks. That said, it will probably drive me crazy waiting for some of the winter only critters since they will be the only blank spots left soon.

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That sounds like it was a great deal! Most of you have already respond to my requests. I think robbalevy and jray21 are the only ones left.

How do you post pictures of your town? I have them saved on my SD card with AC:NL, but I can't find them on the card.

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Yeah totally get the XL version Dave. Cool, now you will be able to start your shark collection! Cool day so far today. It is summer solstice so make sure you get your special shades! I also earned my first badge in the game. Some visiting animal gave it to me. Kicks opened today and it looks like Club LOL will be moving in soon, but I will not spoil any details that.


Edited by Erik Johnson
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^ I got the fishing badge this morning.


The other day I was bit by some spider, passed out, and woke-up out front of my house. I think the Animals may have raped me while I was out. I don't trust any of them .. walking around, with that dopy smile on their faces. None of them work, how do they afford these houses? And what's with the Nook Family and their hold they have over the town? It's like a mafia. There's definitely some shady **** going on..


I also have funded the second bridge, and then only ONE animal showed up for the little ceremony. ONE ANIMAL! They're all a bunch on ingrates!


My town now has apples, oranges, pears and coconuts. I'm still waiting for the mangoes to bare fruit.


I left my 3DS at home today - lord only knows what sort of debauchery is going on in my absence...

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Summer Solstice Update! 3 new shops have opened up since I first started. Super T&T is the newest additon, followed by Club 101 and The Gardening shop. Quit my service project for the second bridge cause my villagers are greedy little animals. Where the heck do they get money?!?!? As Cameron mentioned, there is some shady stuff goin on in my town. Even though I'm the mayor, its obvious I don't have control. I think my next door nieghbor is plotting to overthrow me as mayor. I have to watch my back everywhere I go.



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I just got Animal Crossing: New Leaf today here is my info to add me

Name: magma303

Friend Code: 3394-3955-6325

AC name: B-Turbo

Town: Blueville

Fruit: Apple


I already posted this but here is my info so everyone can add me

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I had my first camping visitor today. After I talked to him about 4 or 5 times we played a paper, scissors, rock to determine if he would move to town. I ended up winning, if I had lost, I would had to give him my watering can. We also played a furniture game as well. That was pretty neat, I honestly had no idea what the camp ground was going to do when I first placed it.


Ooo a visitor!



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Alrighty, finally got my copy:



Name: AlexanderK

Town Name: Axelan

AC Name: Alex

Friend Code: 2320-6637-2668

Fruit: Pears


Still have my tent at the moment, but I've been gathering a considerable bank account.


Hunt for sharks at night, I caught about a dozen of them over the course of an hour and a half!

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