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La Ronde Do and don'ts?


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Hello fellow coaster addicts! Can someone tell me what can I expect when I visit La Ronde. Its my second time at a Six Flags since I live in Puerto Rico and Theme Park Review is the closest I can get to a roller coaster here.

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As I'm a local, I suggest to hit Goliath and Le Monstre first (if it's open, as the PTC trains are a mess right now), and then Le Vampire, as it tends to be less crowded than the previous coasters. I think if you can ride Le Super Manège (Vekoma corskrew), you might like it, as it's not *too* rough and it has some great airtime in the back seats ! Also I can't stress you on how important it is to get a flash pass, as La Ronde is an incredibly crowded park and next week school's out, so it's going to be PACKED !


Unless you're a credit whore, don't ride Boomerang (one of the roughest), Cobra (Very rough Intamin stand-up) and SLC.


Hope this helps !

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