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Expedition GeForce in RCT3 Wild!

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This is from a Interview from Ken Allen


Q. Out of the top of your head, what are the new flat rides and coaster designs available in RCT3: Wild!


A: There are eight or nine new coaster designs including a splitting-track coaster inspired by The Seismic coaster. There's also a robotic-arm coaster and the rotating tower coaster. And we've also included the Expedition GeForce coaster of HolidayPark located in Hassloch, Germany, which is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world! As I recall, there are also about 18 new flat rides that will be familiar to anyone who’s frequented amusement parks in the past four decades. And finally, we've got a few new transport rides, such as the giant paddle-wheel boat, an everglades speed boat, and an elephant ride.

Thought robb whould be happy to see this

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RCT3 has just gone in the right direction in general. Lets look at a few key aspects...

*The whole POV concept REALLY made this game worth playing...

* All the different rides and coasters, including some great real designs like StormRunner, and now EG:F

*It's not owned by Paramount or SF


The only thing that could make it better would be including designs for Cyclops, VorteX(PKI), and a redone version of Walabi's Goliath...and maybe Balder too ^^

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I havent done much talking about RCT3 because I hated it when it first came out. I got it off of some download service the day it came out and later found out that Atari didnt support that version so I ended up just getting a refund and I wasnt that all impressed with the game anyways.


So, did they ever fix the problem where peeps just randomly stop riding rides? I remember building nice coasters (nothing extreme) and peeps would never get on it... or really anything for that matter. Did they fix that problem or is the game still just wowing people on overall looks and not about realism and how it plays?



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I have the game but not the expasion backs. I really would like to get it because it looks great.

Buy them. Soaked brings alot of good new rides like Kaos, Disc-O, Half pipe coaster, Stormrunner (looping accelorator coaster) Water coaster...this list goes on forever...Not to mention all the water slide options....I think I need a new comp though, cuz I'm running out of space, and cant find anything I can delete

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