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Rides on which you get eaten by an animal

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How about the Cave of Wonders at Disney Paris' Storybook Land Canal Boats?


Disney Paris' version of Monstro. Thanks to MeetTheWorld... for the photo.

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At Universal Studios Orlando,on the Men In Black Alien Attack ending, you get eaten by an alien. Not technically an animal, but there were dragons mentioned earlier, so I'm counting it


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This is an amazing thread, so much fun! (Somebody way smarter than me could write a very cool paper on this expression of the primal, universal fascination with being swallowed by a giant beast.)


I'm amazed by the examples you all have come up with.

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This morning I got a message from Anth to say that TPR had just been eaten by an animal on a rollercoaster at E-DA park in Taiwan!


And here is the proof in the form of Robb's freshly posted POV of "dark ride" rollercoaster!



Wishing you all a great trip! And maybe some more rides where you get eaten by animals!

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I know it's not exactly an "animal"... it was planned as part of Disney Paris'

Indiana Jones Temple of Peril, but never made it past the drawing board.


Too bad.


Into this guy's hungry mouth, and then .....

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Did we already have this one from the long-since defunct Spreepark in Berlin?




Edit: OK... So it was already featured on page 1 it would appear! But me accidentally reposting this picture generated renewed interest, i.e. all of page 10 that follows, so it's not all bad!

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Robin, in the nicest possible way only you could have thought of this thread


I'm not sure if my suggestion counts but on the Scandi trip a few of us saw some lesbians making out in the entrance to a disused ride, a quick search on the park index turned up Vikingtoktet at TusenFryd!



More an entrance than a ride (and one that has since closed) but the image of Scandinavian lesbians will never leave my mind...

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