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Rides on which you get eaten by an animal

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These are from one of the best (I was told) World's Fairs of it's time - the Montreal World Expositon, EXPO 67.


They had a huge amusement area, which is now know as La Ronde. And in that area they had this massive pair of pyramid-like structures making up what was then called GYROTRON.


Like a present day omnimover, a continuous track of 4 seat benches, first entered the larger pyramid and circled up and up through the darkness, with glimpses of spacecraft, astronauts and planets circling inside the building.


Then about midway, the cars came outside and travelled along a "bridge" to the second smaller pyramid (called The Volcano), and entered from the top. And inside was "the lava creature" (more like a space age crab I thought) ready to (the PR said) "gobble you up". And then the ride was over.


I never got to EXPO 67, but I heard the ride went very slowly and there wasn't much 'motion' to the creature at all. Still, it's an early one to note.


The larger of the two buildings of GYROTRON. With the "space stuff" inside. Note the 'bridge' above on the right there?


The second smaller building ~ The Volcano ~ with "it" inside.


Heading towards our doom...


Hello gorgeous! Not you. What's behind you! Look out!!!!!

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Well, I can't remember any that I have ridden where you travel into the creature's mouth.


I do know of a couple where you are ALMOST eaten by some creature.



JP: River Adventure

Simspon's Ride - baby Simpson puts you in her mouth



I know, I know. It doesn't count. Let's face it though, depending on where you sit, that T-Rex gets pretty darn close!

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If Dinosaur bones count, you go through a dinosaur's "belly" bones (but not his mouth) on both US Big Thunder Mountains. I don't remember if Paris has them, and no idea about Tokyo.


Also, Six Flags Great America's Demon also has a mouth-hole that eats you. I can only find it on Youtube, and they aren't TPR vids, so go search it out if you would like. It's slightly different than the CGA one, and it used to have smoke and lights in it's eyes. No idea if it still does at all.

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My many thanks and congratulations to everyone for submitting such brilliant contributions so far! Are there any more rides out there? I'm sure there must be!


Which are your favourites so far?


If these 7 pages over the last 24 hours have anything to show ride manufacturers and parks, it's that people love rides on which you get eaten by an animal - please make more!

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