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Rides on which you get eaten by an animal

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There are a couple of standard Zamperla spinning coasters touring Spanish fairs named "Ratón Vacilón".


At the end you get eaten by a cat and pooped at the brakes. Awesome!


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^ Oh now this one's fantastic!! Loving the cat and (wild) mouse combos!


^^ And, yes, you and simaticable appear to be right about there being a demon on Monster Mansion that looks like:


Image ruthlessly pinched from off of the internet

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I'm having trouble finding pictures, but would Revenge of the Mummy (Orlando) and Back to the Future count? In ROTM, you're launched through Imohtep's mummified face, so that would be more creature-like, and in BTTF, you're swallowed by a T-Rex before being spat out.

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^ Brilliant!!


As a special treat for all of you that have contributed such brilliant suggestions so far, I have thought of another! This time not at all far away from where I live!


Chessington World Of Adventures, England - Dragon Falls


Surprised I didn't think of this one earlier!


(Source : Robb and Elissa, TPR 2006 UK trip report)

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Does a robot count...because Devastator eats you and then you go through his robot guts before he poops you out on Transformers...

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^^ The 'being eaten' criterion is certainly met, and I think he could possibly come under the creature / being category, and it's a fun ride, so yes!


^ Scary!! Yes, definitely!


Thanks to everyone that has taken part so far! I'm pleased that this thread has captured the imagination of the TPR members!

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This thread is amazing! Arthur: The Ride, new for 2014 Mack powered suspended coaster at Europa Park, will have you eaten and crapped out by a caterpillar.


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A couple more at Disneyland that haven't been mentioned yet (although they may be considered gray areas):


Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage-At the end of the ride, a whale eats the sub and then blows it back to the surface (can't see this one too well but it's evident based on what you can see and the dialogue in the ride).


Roger Rabbit's Car-Toon Spin-There is a room in the ride where all the machinery is coming to life. The exit to the room has cuttings that look like teeth and clear eye-like features above the opening




And one not at a Disney park:


Dragon at La Ronde-If I remember correctly, there is a point on this coaster where a dragon gets you, but I'm not 100% sure and the ride is so dark it doesn't show clearly in any video I've found.


ADMIN EDIT - Sorry, we don't allow videos from the YouTube channel you posted from as they often film rides without the parks permission.

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