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Rides on which you get eaten by an animal

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I'm 100% convinced most people would agree that rides on which you get eaten by any sort of animal are the very best kind. But where in the world can you find such rides?


Here are a few to start off with:


Hansa Park, Germany - Nessie Superrollercoaster


Everything's going well, the ride feels like it's going to carry on, and then...


(source : Robb and Elissa, TPR Forums)


Heide Park, Germany - Krake


You get eaten by Paul the Octopus at the bottom of the first drop!


(source : Hanno Roos, TPR Forums)


German Fairs, Germany - Wilde Maus (Göbel)


Surely the very best Wild Mouse ride out there (even better than WIlde Maus XXL!). A mixture of thrill and great fun!


(source : Robin Schroder, TPR Forums)


Please help by adding more - let's make this the reference point for rides on which you get eaten by an animal. Thanks!

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You know, I had never quite thought about the whole "rides where you get eaten by an animal" thing, but now that you mention it, it's pretty awesome, creepy, and bizarre all rolled into one!

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damn you Gregg!!! I was just trying to track down my picture of that. In all seriousness it is pretty cool being eaten!


That's what she said.




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