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Retainers on roller coasters?

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Sorry if this on the wrong forum, but I was kind of unsure on where to put this, and I felt this would be the best place. Anyways, I got my braces off 2 weeks ago, and I got these invisalign like clear retainers. I'm going to SFA today, and I was wondering, is it safe to wear a clear retainer on roller coasters? Would they fall out?

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Seriously though, just don't swallow the retainer and you will be fine.

Or lose it on the first drop, as one of my friends did.


How the hell did your friend lose a retainer out of their mouth on a ride!?!?

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Well if you should ever have a problem with a loose fit, try doing what my grandmother did. Her fave flats were the himalaya and trabant. She had an "orthodonic device" (false teeth) and would remove them and put them in her "pocket book" as she boarded. Hey, it worked, though a little gross seeing that.

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