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Do Enthusiasts Expect Too Much From Big New Attractions?

Do enthusiasts often set themselves up to be disappointed by new attractions?  

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  1. 1. Do enthusiasts often set themselves up to be disappointed by new attractions?

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This is something I see happening a lot, especially in these forums, so I thought I'd make a thread to discuss it.


I guess you can also call it "anticipointment".



We see these big attractions going up, we're all excited, they look great, then once they finally open, there's always a huge amount of people who feel "disappointed" with what the parks installed.


I really enjoyed Forbidden Journey, but I rarely hear about the dragon encounter, the ominous dementor's kiss projecting my face onto the fog and the immense size of the Whomping Willow nearly crushing you with a trunk. Instead I'm usually greeted with grumbling about the projector portions and how they ruin the ride.


Same goes with Radiator Springs Racers (not fast enough, darkride portion at night), Antarctica (too short) Transformers (not Spider-Man, didn't have fire, lack of sets) etc.


It happens a lot with coasters too. "Leviathan, X-Flight, Wild Eagle and Gatekeeper are forceless" etc.




I'm not trying to say that criticism is bad, I'm just questioning if communities focus too much on negative aspects rather than positive aspects in general. Do we set ourselves up to be disappointed by new attractions?

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This is common to pretty much all enthusiast communities (coasters, video games, music, film, etc). The most passionate fans are often the most critical.

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^That's a great point: it comes with any enthusiast community who already knows every single bit of information about a ride/movie/game/etc. well in advance. Of course the expectations are going to be high.

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This is a pointless poll. As enthusiasts, we call things as we see them. Rides are either good or bad and warrant fair reviews based on their merits. Enthusiasts expect rides that will impress them. Plain and simple. Same goes for people who are into movies, video games, or cupcakes.


If you're well educated in a field/hobby/profession/whatever, then you should know what's good and what isn't.


--Robb "Thread closed" Alvey

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