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Need to figure out moderators...

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Ok, A.J. - I think it might just be you that is left! I haven't heard from RD in a while, and Matt has a few other things going on in his life that are keeping him busy.


With Theme Park Studio now becoming a reality, I'd like to start to focus on this forum a little bit more. It seems to be running quite well on "auto pilot" but I think we'll eventually need another couple of moderators to help out.


I'll chat with RD to see if he can be back around again, but if not, who do you recommend?



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I'm happy to be sticking around! Glad to be of service!


I would agree that it's been on "autopilot" - I've been doing my best in keeping things going smoothly, but there hasn't really been anything "wrong" going on other than the occasional spam account and that stupid fake news story thing a couple months ago. I'm also really excited for Theme Park Studio (I'm dropping my $50 tonight) and I hope that we can really be a good community for it.


Off the top of my head, I would ask Jake and/or Adam. I can't think of many games forum regulars that I would recommend - possibly Ccron10 (Chris from Keystone Thrills) or coasterfreak101.


I think that the release of this brand-new theme park simulator would be a great opportunity to get tutorials and stuff written up, like we intended to do when the Game Exchange first started. It would be an awesome way to show Pantera how much we really want to promote this thing and I would be happy to be a part of that!


While on the topic of moderation stuff - I sent in an email when you were looking for global moderators back before the China Trip (I think) - has anything happened with that? I just didn't get notified either way (yes/no).

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Robb- I'm still here- I needed to step back for a bit before I started to choke people. The stress had gotten to me, and made me very frustrated, so rather than go bezerk, I stepped back.


Over the next few months I'll have a bit more time as I'm taking time off from work to get my body back in order.



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RD, I know it's frustrating, trust me, I know, I've been doing it a long time... Just breathe deep and sometimes you just gotta let people have it! (constructively of course!)


And people who are causing you real frustrations and annoyance, well, maybe they aren't people want on the site?

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