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NEWS: Pleasurewood Hills launches "scariest ride in the UK"

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Pleasurewood Hills has sent us a press release about their latest addition to the park's lineup!


Pleasurewood Hills launches scariest ride in the UK


On Sunday 2nd June, Hobs Pit will officially be launched as part of the park’s 30th anniversary celebrations – more of the celebration to come over the next few weeks.


The new Hobs Pit ride, which cost over half a million pounds, has been developed by Pleasurewood Hills in conjunction with world renowned special effects expert Rob Ostir and voice actor Corey Burton. The pair, who usually work with theme parks in the USA such as Disney World and Universal Studios have been involved with movie blockbusters like 2012, Mars Attacks! and the Chronicles of Narnia, as well as most of Disney’s feature animations over the past two decades.


This collaboration has designed a ride - Hobs Pit - that is set to become one of the scariest indoor theme park attractions in the UK. It’s predicted that theme park enthusiasts will travel from across the UK to experience Hobs Pit. With over 2000 people having already signed up to the Hobs Pit mailing list via the rides own website http://www.hobs-pit.com


The management team at Pleasurewood Hills is not divulging much about the new ride at this stage, but they did let it slip that the ride is based on an old abandoned mine shaft and unexplained phenomena that were discovered during excavations at the park. They also explained that this is not a ride for the faint hearted!


The new ride is part of the £3.5 million investment that Looping Group owners pledged to invest when they bought the park two years ago. Hobs Pit is one of four new rides to launch in the park’s 30th anniversary year. Other new rides that have been introduced this year are Woody’s Tea Party, a spinning family ride and Moby Dick, a unique kiddies’ ride. Plus, the ever popular Pedalos are set to make a return to the Pleasurewood Lake later this summer.


Alexis Camelin, General Manager of Pleasurewood Hills said: “This ride is unique to the UK, it’s the first ‘dark ride’ to combine a ‘walk through’ and ‘seated’ scare experience with lots to scream about along the journey through an old mine shaft”. He added: “The big question is, will you escape Hobs Pit”?


For more information on Hob Pit visit http://www.hobs-pit.com



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,


I went to Pleasurewood Hills today to experience Hobs Pit and I must say I was rather impressed. Having not experienced a ride like this before, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it all seemed pretty good. I went through with two teenagers who were constantly being scared by the scare actors most of whom only jumped out at us, shouted or followed us, however I'm sure that given time they will develop more of a script to follow. The theming was very impressive, and not just impressive for PWH, as was the dark ride section. This uses exactly the same track and layout as the storybook ride that it replaces, albeit with the station moved round a little andwith totally rebuilt ride cars. Without giving too much away, it uses many of the features seen in dark rides all around the world (holograms, projection onto mannequins etc) and the result is highly effective, creating an experience full of screams. I did find it hard to link the storyline with the experience though in parts, however this again is something that will be developed in time. PWH have already said that this is the 'mark 1' version of the ride and that it will be developed in time.


Overall, this is a very impressive ride and would be a great addition to pretty much any park. It is still new and the scare actors are still learning what works best but I'm sure that this will be sorted soon.


As for the rest of the park, it looks like lots of money has been spent on paint over the winter and so the park is looking a lot nicer and the staff friendlier than in previous years. This has potential to be a great year for PWH.


Sorry for the lack of pics - my camera has broken and my phone camera isn't very good


Thanks for reading,



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