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Ken's Random Adventures of 2013 Trip Reports Thread

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Were we ever able to confirm that the murdered animals in the Horror House were props!? I thin I remember several of you thinking they were real!


Wouldn't surprise me one bit if they were real!


The next morning we got up and made our way to the airport to catch our flight back down to Tokyo. The nice thing about Japan Airlines is they offer an upgrade option at the gate for a very reasonable price. I didn't opt for this but most of the group did so those of us still in the back of the plane had our own rows.I was even able to score a window seat which gave me a nice view of Tokyo Disneyland and Sea on our approach to Tokyo's Haneda Airport.


Two things great about Japan. It only takes 15 minutes to load a 777 and about the same to get your bags at the airport. So we dropped our bags with the transport company and made our way to our next park.


After a short walk from the train we arrived at Joypolis, got our wristbands and made our way to todays only credit and one of the more interesting coasters I have been on.


Veil of Dark What makes Veil of Dark so interesting you ask? How about it is a shooting dark ride AND a spinning launched coaster WITH an inversion! My first ride resulted in very little spinning but after playing with the weight distribution we managed to get a really crazy ride later in the day with spinning while going through the inversion. Seriously this ride is awesome!


Halfpipe Canyon Next up we did one of Joypolis famous attractions. It was kind of like dance dance revolution on a ride. You and a friend get strapped standing up and as you progress through the ride you can earn points and if you hit the pedal at the right time you get a spin boost. It's a lot of fun.


Next up we went upstairs to check out some of the other rides and simulators.


Room of Living Dolls We have done a ton of those sit in a room and put head phones on attractions but this was my favorite of all. We ended up doing this twice once with a Japanese couple and watching their reactions was hilarious.


Another Was another attraction next to the Living Dolls. It was hard to understand the story but I think it was something about a school teacher going crazy and putting you in coffins. It was entertaining though.


Dark Chapel Next we did Dark Chapel which is a 3D movie with a nice surprise.


Wild Wing This was another simulator which reminded me of a mini Simpsons ride set up and a wacky story which also reminded me of the one from Dollywood.


Storm G This was another rather intense simulator based on a bobsled ride.


After this we left the park and went to the Decks to check it out. It had a ton of random shops and a walkthrough haunt (I didn't pay the $15 for it). It is also where we grabbed lunch with a nice view of Tokyo before heading to the next block to check out the giant Gundam robot statue before meeting back up with the group at the train station. Most wanted to stick around to check out the area some more so we went to another mall and checked out a toys are us and an arcade. Also went back to Decks before we had to leave to head to our hotel.


Our hotel was the Hotel Hilton Bay at the Disney Resort area and our room had a very nice view of both parks. I went to the lobby and grabbed a beer and some gelato and hung out with several others before calling it a night. Tomorrow brings a long day at....... Fuji Q! Will it be a good day or a horrible day? Or made Mt. Fuji erupted and destroyed the park? Find out soon.


Welcome to Tokyo Teleport!


I see our destination!


The English translation of the rules


Next up was Room of the living dolls.


It was pretty creepy


An overview of the park center.


While exploring we came across this large table game


What's inside this building is pure awesomeness!


The park entrance


First of Veil of Dark! Seriously one of the most unique coasters out there!


Next up Half Pipe!


Next up was "Another" haunted attraction ;)


One with a car going through the inversion. Yes it can spin here!


Gotta love a giant Robot!


I used to watch this show all the time! It was really cool to take a look around.


You can buy a train that makes the noises of the various stations around Tokyo


Want a kitten? That will be $5000!


Mhmm whats this?


This was a store where you can buy a mystery box for $3 and you can win a prize


Hanging out with Sonic


It really is a lot of fun but a bit tricky!


This is where we had lunch


It was a pretty random place and I liked it!


Next up was another arcade


Of course we had to play!


We were reminded of what we had to look forward to later this week... it's "the best"


Some classics!


Ryan took the challenge


More fun crane game prizes. Can always use a pillow.


What's this???


Noodle cup game


Or you can dress up like your favorite Toy Story character.


How about a giant lollipop?


That's kind of creepy


Ryan and his prize!


More random things


Time to catch the monorail to our hotel


Nice display in the station


At the hotel this is how I would end my night!


The view from my hotel room. You can make out Space Mountain, the Castle and Mount Prometheus. In the next update we do not go here though :( Thanks for reading!




One of the monorail trains


Alright lets go explore the Decks


Alright time to head out.


This was the busiest train we had yet but everything was very orderly.


Where are we now?!?


Next we went across the street


We had a nice view while we ate!

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The next morning we woke early to meet the group and to board our bus. We grabbed our breakfast boxes the hotel was nice enough to make for us since we would miss breakfast and we headed out driving right past the Disney Parks so we were passing up the best theme parks in the world to go to reportedly one of the worst.


The bus ride was uneventful but we eventually pulled in to the parking lot for Fuji-Q Highland.


We were near the front of the line to get into the park which was great because at this point the weather wasn't looking great and Fuji Q likes to shut down its coasters if more the 2 rain drops fall from the sky.


Takabisha Once inside the park the group split up running to the 3 big rides. We went to the newest coaster the park has to offer. I love Eurofighters but this is my favorite yet. It features the standard vertical lift and beyond 90 degree drop but it also has a launch and a surprise inversion. We were close to the loading area but it still took about 30 minutes.


Fujiyama At this point rides were starting to close for sprinkle so we went to Fujiyama since it was still running. We got in line before we got at text that Elissa had skip the line passes ready. So we exited the line and met up with her and Robb grabbed our passes and went up the exit I grabbed the back seat.


The ride started out pretty good but it was about half way through that the ride remembers it's a TOGO and than really tries to kick your a$$.


Mad Mouse Next we did the mad mouse since it had no line. I think it required you to ride by yourself?


Hamster Coaster Next in our pursuit of open coasters we made our way to the Hamster Coaster. It was a suspended coaster and it was actually pretty fun!


Dodonpa Next Dodonpa opened so we made our way to it to get into line. It was about an hour wait. The launch was really intense and really fun. It was also my 400th coaster!


Eejanaika Eejanaika had just opened for the day and Elissa had skip the line passes for it so we met her and grabbed them. Our time wasn't for about 2 hours and with doubt about the weather in our minds we decided to wait in line just incase. It was posted at an hour but it only took us 45 minutes.


This was my first 4d so I wasn't sure what to expect but I did learn to avoid the outside seat on these things. It really likes to shake you around. The ride was fun though! Shortly after we had our fast pass time come up so we went up the exit to the other side of the train from what we did earlier.


Rock n Roll Duncan The last credit we needed was the kiddie coaster in Thomas Town so we went that way. No wait for this one so we had officially finished our credit collection by lunch time!


Thomas Town Dark Ride Next up we did the park's Thomas dark ride. The engines are having a party and you're invited! (Where have I heard this story line before?;)). But it was a really good dark ride! If you are in Fuji Q make sure you try and fit time to do this!


Next we grabbed lunch at Mos Burger than we learned that the Haunted Hospital was going to shut its line off in 20 minutes.


Haunted Hospital The wait time for the haunted hospital was an hour so we decided to spend the 10 extra dollars and get a skip the line pass.


First you are lead into the first preshow room where you learn the history of the hospital and how things went terribly wrong. Next you are split up into very small groups and lead into the examination room for a very freaky surprise. You also get your picture taken here. At this point you are dumped into the hospital to make your way through. There are very few actors so the part of not knowing when or if you will encounter something just adds to the thrill. You are also given a flashlight for the first half of the haunt to help you find your way through. Half way through you give it up and go though a very long hallway with some surprises waiting you. Also use caution when opening some doors .


One other thing I noticed is they must have a way to keep groups separate. The group in front of us were some teenagers so we knew they were crawling through the hospital but with our pace we didn't see them once same with the group behind us. You could hear them like they were close but you didn't see them once.


This haunt really exceeded all my expectations I had and I highly urge you to do it if you ever get to the park.


Next me and Ryan split off to go do the other random walk throughs. There was 2 robot ones and one based on Japanese childhood scary stories.


Finally it was time to head out. To sum things up the day was a lot better than expected. The park was kinda busy and the operations were not that great but I really liked the park. They have an excellent line up of coasters and some great "other" attractions. Though be warned the park has the strictest loose item policy of any park I have been to (Even Universal Singapore) they will pat you down before some rides and even if you have a tiny piece of paper in your pocket you have to remove it and put it in a locker. You even have to remove your watch where than they give you a locker key on a tiny string...


Also a huge thanks to Robb and Elissa for camping out the fastpass booth to buy them all as they became available. It really helped out.


The drive back was more interesting as we could see more of Tokyo and Robb talked about future trips. Me and Ryan had talked about the Godzilla statue earlier in the day so when we got back to the hotel me and him grabbed a train and headed out to search for it.


There was a lot of construction in the area so it was a challenge to find it but we managed to! We grabbed some photos than walked past the Imperial Palace before heading back to the hotel.


Next up is............... Tokyo Disneyland!


Made it!


Fujiyama making test runs.


The newest beast on the block.


Is it still the record holder?


Going down


It is a lot of fun!


Looks really nice!


Mount Fuji in the back.


Hey guys!


Easy credit.


Dodonpa finally opened.


We waited it out in the queue. Took about an hour.


After getting patted down the ride is a lot of fun.


You get some great airtime here.


It has a great placement in the center of the park.


It looks great though!


Next up 2 rides on Eejanaika!


It really looks great from around the park.


Going down.


Looks like X2 here minus the train.


Going up.


This part was fun.


Just don't sit on an outside seat.


Some serious netting there.


Next up Thomas Land.


The entrance felt like entering a mall for some reason.


Time for the next coaster.


Random button that said "push" I the queue. I REALLY wanted to push it.


Next up the Hamtaro coaster!


Rough but not bad.


STOP! And read these rules...


It is really spread out and is a lot more fun than I was expecting.


An overview of the station.


An overview of the layout.


The park loves their records.


The area is what Six Flags should of done when they had theirs.


Let's check out the dark ride.


It is pretty cute.


Left over from the days of a hospital?


Please put your phone in "manner" mode.


Must of been a wild night?


Party time.


Decoration outside the Hospital


Looks intimidating on the outside.


They also had another haunt attraction. But after hearing the reviews from some of the others we opted out of it.


Our next stop


Mount Fuji trying to make an appearance.


Just remember to get there early.


Serious it's long, it's creepy, it's awesome. Do not miss it!


I really had no idea on the story of this walkthrough but there was a giant room of poop!


Even more robots!


I guess this is based on the "wall monster" who is the Japanese version of the boogieman.


Getting ready for Christmas in July?


If coaster are not your thing you can go bowling.


The vending machines just outside the park.


That's all for Fuji Q


Looks like this one seen better days.


Tokyo Tower


I should of got this shirt!


I feel like this should be a snickers ad. But no seriously, do NOT fight a bear!


Who doesn't love giant robots.


Hey? That place looks familiar.




We also walked past the Imperial Palace before heading back to the hotel.


Tokyo is beautiful at night.


So you see how small it really is.




Good morning! Check out that view! Ugh... One more day!


Driving through Tokyo we past the hotel from Lost in Translation


A closer look.


Because this thread did not have enough orange gates.

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You even have to remove your watch where than they give you a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo key on a tiny string...


This seriously happened. They are totally crazy at Fuji Q about this and it was insane, my watch was 1000 times more secure that a solid metal key on a flimsy elastic piece of string that was super loose around my wrist!


Great report and it was a great surprise actually succeeding at riding all of Fuji's coasters in one day after all the horror stories I had heard. That being said we did have a great day thanks to Robb and Elissa and the fastpasses!

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You even have to remove your watch where than they give you a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo key on a tiny string...


This seriously happened. They are totally crazy at Fuji Q about this and it was insane, my watch was 1000 times more secure that a solid metal key on a flimsy elastic piece of string that was super loose around my wrist!


Great report and it was a great surprise actually succeeding at riding all of Fuji's coasters in one day after all the horror stories I had heard. That being said we did have a great day thanks to Robb and Elissa and the fastpasses!


I still can't get over the snotty tissue that even I didn't realize was in my pocket when I emptied them since it was squished into the bottom had to be removed and then made to put it in my camera bag in the locker.

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Glad that you had a good time at Fuji-Q! I had heard a lot of not-so-great things about the park, so I'm glad to hear that it is in fact possible to have a good time at this park. Well one things for sure, the coasters look like a lot of fun, so if I ever go out to Japan, I'll make sure to pay it a visit!

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You even have to remove your watch where than they give you a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo key on a tiny string...


This seriously happened. They are totally crazy at Fuji Q about this and it was insane, my watch was 1000 times more secure that a solid metal key on a flimsy elastic piece of string that was super loose around my wrist!


We had a conversation that if you remove the key they key they will make you put the band in a locker! I did like the system for Eejanaika at least where you are at the lockers while you wait for your train vs. trying to do it on the other side of the platform quickly while holding up the train.

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^ Yes, that at least helped speed things up as it can be done whilst awaiting the previous train to load and leave. Was everyone else forced to remove their shoes on Eejanaika? Totally didn't make sense to me.


Some parks make sure all rides are wearing shoes - I can understand this

Some parks don't care

and then there's Fuji Q that forces you to remove them! Is it just me or is there a logical reason for them forcing you to do so?



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^ Yes, that at least helped speed things up as it can be done whilst awaiting the previous train to load and leave. Was everyone else forced to remove their shoes on Eejanaika? Totally didn't make sense to me.


Some parks make sure all rides are wearing shoes - I can understand this

Some parks don't care

and then there's Fuji Q that forces you to remove them! Is it just me or is there a logical reason for them forcing you to do so?




Weird, must be a new policy, I could keep mine on my ride 2 years ago although I wish i'd taken them off I had to hold my shoes together throughout the ride, it threw me around on one of the inversions and I thought for the first time ever i'd lose one.

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^ I also didn't remember having to take off my shoes from my previous visits. I think it's just another instance of Japanese parks and guests being extra worried about losing items while on rides. I've noticed that on other floorless coasters in Japan (ie. SLCs and inverts) people would usually either leave their shoes on the station platform, or in the case of Pyrenees at Parque Espana, the park supplied rubber bands for the purpose of securing shoes to feet.


So this was my first visit to the park where I had time to do more than just the coasters. Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear was pretty awesome, mostly for atmosphere, the sheer massiveness of the place, and the amazing hallway scene. With a few more scare-actors it'd probably take the cake for best in-park scare attraction ever. I'm curious now if they add a lot more staff for Halloween.


The kids walk-through fun house which replaced the coffin ride was pretty fun.


The "GeGeGe no Kitarō" attraction was another "wear headphones while sitting in a dark room" thing, similar to "Murder Lodge" and "Room of Living Dolls", but aimed at kids and not nearly as good as either of those (but still not terrible).


There's some kind of Gundam walkthrough, but we didn't have time for it. We also did the Evangelion walkthrough, which has the two giant robot heads.

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...or in the case of Pyrenees at Parque Espana, the park supplied rubber bands for the purpose of securing shoes to feet.


Ah yes, who could forget those rubber bands.

Part of the Parque Espana Experience, lol.

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Well the moment is here.... Tokyo Disneyland!


In the morning we all met one last time to receive our Monorail passes from Elissa. Since Tokyo Disney has to charge for the monorail this card gave us unlimited free access for our remaining days. After this we all made our way to Bayside station to circle the resort to get to the entrance for Disneyland.


When we arrived about an hour before opening there was already a line up but that would significantly grow while we waited. While we waited we planned out how to conquer the park and thanks to some tips from Robb we had a pretty good idea how to do it. Thanks to Sean who volunteered to run our tickets to the Fastpass booths for Monsters Inc. we were able to make our way straight to Star Tours since this was "the new hotness".


Star Tours When we arrived the ride was a walk on but when we exited the line was already an hour and a half. This was the first one I have done and I really liked it. It had all the favorites from the movies (R2D2, 3CPO, Star Fighters and much more) and included stops at some familiar places


Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin Since Space Mountain was down for refurbishment we continued on into ToonTown. First was Roger Rabbit's. Luckily there was only a 5 minute wait. It was a completely crazy random fun dark ride. You could even control how much you spin. As we exited the ride went down.


Gadget's Go Coaster Next up was our first credit of Tokyo Disney. This was just your standard Vekoma Roller Skater though but with some fun theming.


Next we were going to do Pooh but the wait was an hour and a half and Fastpasses were gone so we passed by and went to check out the castle. It had a second floor which gave you some different vantage points also had some Cinderella displays. After this we went to use our Monsters Inc. FastPass but the ride was down so we collected a pass for Buzz Lightyear and moved on.


The Haunted Mansion Since it had a 30 minute wait and no Fastpasses that day we just got in line. A bonus for us was the parade started when we entered the line so we got to watch it as we waited. From what I understand it is a copy of the Haunted Mansion from the US parks (I have never been on them). It had the preshow, and all the regular scenes including the graveyard and hitchhiking ghosts.


It's a small world It wouldn't be a visit to Disney with out a ride on this... "It's a world of laughter a world of cheer. A world of hope a world of...." Is it in your head now? Good.


Snow White's Adventure Next we did Snow White and I learned it is a copy of the one that was recently removed from WDW so if you want to ride it you have to go to Tokyo. But the ride was interesting and had all of the favorite characters.


Pinocchio's Daring Journey The next dark ride was Pinocchio. This seemed like the ride system as Snow While and was a trip through the movie. It was a bit creepy and really fun.


Splash Mountain Moving around the park the next ride was Splash Mountain. It already had a large line but thanks to Bill we learned about the single rider line. It only took us about 5 minutes to get on. This was my first Splash Mountain so I didn't know what to expect and didn't realize how soaked you can get.


Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters Next we grabbed a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain before heading back to Tommorowland to use our Fastpasses. First up was Buzz Lightyear. It is the same as Paris and Hong Kong and just like the others I also get stuck on this one.


Monsters Inc. Finally the ride reopened and I was pretty excited to try this one out. Once in the car you get a flashlight and you move through the scenes trying to find the monsters that are hiding.


Pirates of the Caribbean Next we grabbed lunch at Eastside Café and had some pretty good pasta. While eating we were looking at the map and we realized they had a POTC which we completely forgot about so after our meal that was our next stop. Luckily there was no wait. It was like the other POTC and had Captain Jack Sparrow.


Jungle Cruise Next up was Jungle Cruise. The weird thing is the platform is under the train station but it works. The ride is also going to get some major changes so it was nice to ride it before that happened. There is no English version so to hear the jokes in Japanese added some bonus entertainment.


The Enchanted Tiki Room Next we did the Tiki Room which I was also excited for but unfortunately it was a let down. It seems they removed some of the songs from the original attraction and put in stitch.


Peter Pan's Flight Next we returned to Fantasyland to take a ride on Peter Pan. It was like the other Peter Pan's.


The Enchanted Tiki Room Since lines were long and fastpasses were gone I decided to return to the hotel to take a break. I know I wanted to do the train so we headed there next. With Japanese Law any transportation system with multiple stations (Disney Monorail) have to charge a fare and Disney didn't want to do that in the park so they build a complete circuit rail system which only circles Frontierland and Adventureland unlike the other Disney parks which circle the entire park. The layout offers some good views and I liked it better this way.


After this I went and grabbed a nap at the hotel before returning later in the night.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Our Fastpass times came up so that was our first stop. It is your typical Thunder Mountain and is still a lot of fun. We were waiting for a breakdown though.


Winnie the Pooh Next up was the ride I was most looking forward to at Tokyo Disney. Having done Mystic Manor at the beginning of the trip I was looking forward to seeing what Disney did here with the trackless technology. Luckily the Electric Parade was starting so the wait was down to ten minutes so we hopped in line. The ride has some impressive effects and fun tricks with the cars. The random room at the end was fun besides the crazy number of cars being run which caused the ride to stack in that room.


We than grabbed another ride on The Haunted Mansion before "trying to grab food". One thing I didn't like was the food venues all closed early. After having no luck with finding a open place in Frontierland and Fantasyland I luckily managed to squeeze into the burger place in Tomorrowland before they locked the door. I than had to cross the entire park to meet up with everyone else.


Next we caught the end of the Electrical Parade before heading to the front of the park to browse through the gift shops. After this we returned to the hotel to hang out in the lobby for a bit before heading to bed before resting up for another long day.


Next up we journey to the center of earth, visit Sinbad, and drop in to see Shriki.... Stay tuned.


Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland!


We walked on but this was the line after we got off.


Next we went over to Toon Town.


Our first stop was Roger Rabbit. It is really wacky and very fun.


Our next stop was a credit.


It is like any other Roller Skater


But still fun.


The wait to see Chip and Dale I think?


Still 2 hours till the parade....


Pooh was teasing us but we had to wait till later.


Moving deeper into Fantasyland


Oh crap...


Backside of the castle


The Cinderella walk thorugh.


Let's take a peek out the window.


Oh yeah this is the park's 30th anniversary!


View of the front of the castle.


Looking back toward the World Bazaar which is the park's main street.


Monsters Inc. was down so we grabbed a pass for Buzz Lightyear.


Sorry WDW fans.... If you want to ride Snow White you have to go to Tokyo now!


Getting closer to the parade time.


Fun and cheerful vs. dark and creepy.


30 minute wait so we got in line.


Our view of the parade from the queue.


Donald Duck


"It's a world of laughter, a world of...."


Duel loading helped move the line.


Next up was Critter Country.


The area's main ride is Splash Mountain


Thanks to the Single Rider line we didn't have to wait long at all!


Next up we grabbed a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


One of the area's food venues.


A side view of the castle.


Next up was Buzz lightyear. Still a fun shooter.


Oh.... Unfortunately it was in it's annual refurb.


Let's go ride Space Mountain!


Good thing we have Fast Pass!


In the main queue room.


I liked the movie and I liked the ride! Hope to see more of these!


The loading platform


A look down main street.


Next up Pirates Of The Caribbean!


The boats came really close to the queue.


Jungle Cruise was next.


The ride is about to be completely redone.


A look at the boats.


It was a fun ride and not knowing the jokes added some comedy to it.


A look back at the load platform.


Some of the staple scenes


Shower anyone?


Next up was the railroad!


Let's go into Adventureland! No... there is no zombies... but also no Twinkies either :(


Another parade is starting.








Snow White


There were some really nice views around the park.


Passing by The Haunted Mansion




Is the song still in your head? Good!


Peter Pan!


Our train coming in.


The ride offered some nice views.


The Steam Boat station. This was also closed for refurb.


You can also get some views of BTMR


Going down


Jungle Cruise boat creeping through.


Heading toward the front of the park.


The Castle again!


The Founders Statue


A different angle


World Bazaar again.


A look at the station from the monorail station.


The monorail


Our hotel and my stop for a nice nap!


Our first stop was Star Tours.


This ride is a ton of fun and full of randomness! I really want to see these come to the us parks!


A look at the cars.


Toy Story float in the Electric Parade.


Finally time for Pooh!


The Castle lit up!


Our Fastpass collection


Monsters Inc. Logo






I found Nemo!


Monsters Inc.


Let's hope for a repeat from Paris ;)


Time to head out! First we made a loop through the gift shops.


What a great day! Now get ready to set sail on our next update! Take care!


Time for Big Thunder Mountain!


Space Mountain lit up.


It's a small world float.





Next up was Tiki Lounge. Please get rid of stitch...

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Thanks for this great PhotoTR. Love to see TRs from the Japanese and China parks as due to the long flying times I will likely never go there. With my 1,95 meters I will not cramp myself into an Economy seat for 15+ hours. And while Business is within my budget to the US the prices called for Asian flights are slightly beyond my capacity.

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I saw this Electrical parade back in the TPR 2011 Japan Tour.

I was fairly far away, up near the World Bazaar, watching it,

but i swear the floats looked HUGE even from that far away.

And the whole parade was great. From beginning to finish.


And I am glad you used the Single Riders Line for Splash. It's so

odd that this is the only attraction in TDL with one. And Disney

Sea has what? Two? (3-4 with ToT or Journey, sometimes.


Great shots - and enjoying your tour, more, more more!

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And I am glad you used the Single Riders Line for Splash. It's so

odd that this is the only attraction in TDL with one. And Disney

Sea has what? Two? (3-4 with ToT or Journey, sometimes.

On my first visit the roster was ToT, 20000 Leagues, Indy, and Raging Spirits. Since then I think they've dropped at least 20000 Leagues. I've failed in using it with ToT, but I've had great success with Indy and Raging Spirits. The available rides are usually listed on the English map. Or you can practice your Japanese: "Shingururaidā!"

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I asked about Single Rider on ToT and told there wasn't a single rider option and it was only available on Indy and Raging Spirits and they worked superbly. Indy was super quick to get onto (in fact, I think it took longer to walk the single rider queue line than wait to board once in the station!)

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I asked about Single Rider on ToT and told there wasn't a single rider option and it was only available on Indy and Raging Spirits and they worked superbly. Indy was super quick to get onto (in fact, I think it took longer to walk the single rider queue line than wait to board once in the station!)


They had single rider for Indy, ToT and Raging Spirits when I visited. All rides had 3 hour lines but Indys crew were fantastic and just ploughing through single riders. Raging spirits and ToT, the ride-ops kept yelling out into the normal line and fast pass lines for single riders first in case there were any (quite often there were, single rider didn't seem well advertized in the entrances but they were listed on a square at the bottom of the park map) so I ended up waiting an hour for both which was still quicker than the 3 hour lines. Universal I'd heard bad things about there single riders and though it was annoying they wouldn't run them if the line was 30 mins or less (i'd happily skip 30mins and take any seat) they seemed well advertised and popular, I think single rider for fantasy and spiderman was hitting 40 minutes during the busy hours.

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They have never advertised ToT or Journey for Single Riders.

It's just hit and miss, and when they think it's applicable at the time.

But Indy and Raging are the two they do put on the map about SRL.

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