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Chadster's Taco Adventures! - Nickelodeon Universe!!!

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You know at one point they were pretty decent for a chain and are based in Texas, but over the last year it seems the quality has gone down some with the price going up. The refried beans are really good but if I had my choice, I'd be at more of a local shop like Rusty Taco or one off. However, if you are on the road and need something from a drive thru they are better than taco hell IMHO.

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Hola Amigos. Senor Chadster is back with another Taco Adventure this time at Nickelodeon Universe inside the Mall of America!


After picking up JoJo at the hotel we met up GriffyTiffy and his ol man at the mall for a nice sit down meal at Baja-Sol. Note the sarcasm. The particular owners of this fine establishment were nothing short of interesting to say the least. I ordered up the fish tacos with a side of guac, both a mistake. The guac was bland with no seasoning whatsoever and the fish tacos were just meh. Served with out of the box rice for a nice price of around 11.50 and I should have gone to Dick's Last Resort. Bottom line, stay away, far far away. 2/10


After the disappointing mid afternoon dining experience I wandered over to Best Buy and popped my iPhone cherry and have been pleasantly happy with having done so ever since. And with that feeling of satisfaction, and a huge grin on my face, it was time to re-join the group and head to twilight pricing at Nick Universe.


Easily one of the most underrated parks out there, Nick Universe features a great blend of attractions for everyone. Their newest attraction, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock was tons of fun, you'll get your daily work out in, but its totally worth it. The log chute was nicely themed and worth a re-ride, the Orange Streak was unexpected and of course we can't forget about Spongebob Square Pants!


All in all while I was a tad underwhelemd with the mall itself, Nick Universe more than made up for. Haven't been yet? What are you waiting for?!?!


Baja-Sol was quite the disappointment :(


But Nick Universe was Amazing!!


Wow, much better than the one at Elitch Gardens, Avatar Airbender gives you an uneasy, about to hit the ceiling feel. Love it!


The best part of Nick Universe is that everything just 'fits'.


New for this year is Shell Shock, a crazy flying machine where you control the fun.


Start off by using your body and flaps to sway side to side.


When the ride starts don't lose that momentum or you're screwed.


Keep the momentum and you twirl round and round upside down until your ready to let those bad tacos loose!


Look out, stars falling


Meanwhile Spongebobs pants are about to become loaded


Because this thing is balls out all the way


Another fantastic Eurofighter, cha-ching!


Fairly Odd Coaster is fairly standard


But even at that, it's still fun, and it 'fits' with the park.


Giant Magical Mushroom


Although a little strange to get to, the wheel is perfectly placed allowing for a complete overview of the park.


Over at the log flume we decided to put the young stud in front, no, not me, GriffyTiffy, why, well, you know. And you'd thought JoJo would have learned from our first ride. But nooooooo. About an hour before park close someone insisted on going on the Log Chute again....


The only way we all agreed to re-ride is that JoJo sat in front, afterall she wanted to ride it again :)


Needless to say, I think her shoes are still wet.


Hello Pepsi Orange. Please don't mix Pepsi Orange with with Coke Freestyle Orange, there really is no comparison, Coke Freestyle Orange kicks ass.


And now a few photos from my new iPhone, quite impressive


Again, packed in like sardines yet enough room to not run into to people, it all just 'fits'


Yes, yes we did. Totally counts.


Ah yes, night has fallen and the rides are lit up. This happens to be the only ride I was disappointed in, I felt it could have had a little more power to it, a little more intensity if you will, still a good fit for the park.


We ended our day with a ride on the wheel so that I could bring you these awesome nighttime overview shots


Because I'm awesome like that.


Kinda like the Orange Streak, a pleasant surprise thats just 'fun'


Who would have thought a Jaguar like ride could be fun? Well, it is!


Adios Nick Universe!


Definitely on my to-do again list!


If you know of any great taco stands in San Antonio, let me know! I'll be there this Friday to check them out! Peace, Love, and Tacos.

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This still has to be one of the better, if not the best indoor park in the world. This and Edmonton Mall. Toverland is a close third, but they do have a lot of outdoor rides now, so they are almost less of an indoor park.

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Shell Shock looks like a lot of fun. Are there any more of those around? Haven't seen anything like that before.


To my knowledge this is the only one.


This still has to be one of the better, if not the best indoor park in the world. This and Edmonton Mall. Toverland is a close third, but they do have a lot of outdoor rides now, so they are almost less of an indoor park.


Edmonton is on next years list, I hope, heard many great things about it!

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I have a friend who's been here and he said it was great. That's cool that the Spongebob coaster is a Eurofighter and not some wimpy kiddie or family coaster. Sorry to hear you couldn't find good tacos in Minnesota (or least the Mall of America). I heard in some parts of the country good Mexican food is hard to come by. That's why I like to try what is good locally wherever I go. I also like to check Yelp to see which restaurants got good reviews, which usually steers me in the right direction although it isn't 100% perfect.

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What do you think of Taco Bueno? They have come highly recommended to me but I haven't tried them yet. Looking at their site, they also have some in Texas.


So, I'm an idiot... I must have been thinking of Taco Bueno since I saw a bunch of them during my travels in the past year. We had one here that didn't even last six months and it is now a Japanese restaurant. It was ok from what I recall.


I just happened to look them up and now I remember, it was actually Taco Mac that has come highly recommended to me. It's a Sports Grill but aside from their wings they have a decent menu with a variety of Mexican choices. They are only located in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. If anybody here has been to one, I am interested in hearing your thoughts. I see they have a different selection of 'Beer of the Month.' That alone should get me there...

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I really do need to get out to the Mall of America at some point. Nickelodeon Universe looks like an incredible park and it always makes me smile to think that I can at some point visit the park that the Mighty Ducks went to in D2: The Mighty Ducks.


Thanks for sharing these great photos with us!

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