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2 days in Sweden plan


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Hi guys,

Here's a question for you:

I have an option to visit one of these parks at the end of June for 1 day (hopefully 2)

As i have 2 free days in london:


Thorpe park in England

Liseberg or Gruna Lund in sweden (i can't believe i can squeeze these 2 in 2 days unfortunatly).


My heart goes for the sweden parks.

I read all those great reviews about both parks,Especially balder.

But i think that now that Gruna Lund has it's own good wooden coaster - It might just be a bit more attractive as a park?


What do you think?





*also posted at the Liseberg/gruna lund forums*

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It's certainly a hard call...are you sure you can't do both? Maybe fly into Gothenburg and out of Stockholm?


I seriously don't know if I could decide between the two, they're both so fabulous!


I guess maybe you could do Grona Lund this year and justify that by remembering that Liseberg will get an amazing coaster next year?

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I thought about that, but it also takes time going from GOT to STO,

and unless i get a car and make the drive after the park closes, I do not see how i manage to do both in 2 days.

I don't think i'll handle almost 48 hours of parks with minimum sleep+drivimg for 3+ hours late at night.

I wonder if there is a night train though.hmmm....


As i do not get to be in london for work purpses too often, I guess i won't have this apertunity next year.

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I don't think i'll handle almost 48 hours of parks with minimum sleep+drivimg for 3+ hours late at night.

I wonder if there is a night train though.


Sounds like an overseas TPR Tour.


EDIT to add: You should just pick one, regret the other for now,

and then visit it another year. They'll both be around for a while.

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Driving between gothenburg and stockholm is a really bad idea. The traffic is insane in both cities and it's ridiculously expensive to park your car (we're talking like $10-15/hour in the centre of stockholm). But i do believe that it is possible to do both parks in two days if you go by train. Depending on wich train you take it takes around 3 hours to get from gothenburg to stockholm and you get off in the city centre in both cities, and since both parks have a very central location i would say that it takes aprrox. 30 mins to get from the central station to the park in both cases. So if you catch the first train that leaves in the morning you should manage to be in sthlm before gröna lund opens. Yay!

Check out www.sj.se/ to see train schedule etc.

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You should have no problem getting all the credits and truly enjoy the parks in just two short days. I am pretty sure that both Liseberg and Gröna Lund operates from something like 11am to 11pm in the end of june, and on an insanely crowded day i doubt that you will have to stand in line for more than an hour for any of the more popular attractions. The worst line i've ever experienced in any of the parks was for Kanonen the year it opened on a sunny day in june, where i stod in line for about 60 mins. So i think that you would be able to fully enjoy both parks and take things pretty slowly on a 6-8 hour visit, probably in less time actually. But on the other hand, if like doing all the touristy stuff and experience the citites it might be a bad idea to do both parks in just two days. And if you like all that i would probably recommend you to go to stockholm and gröna lund since stockholm is a stunning city in comparison to gothenburg.

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But gröna lund does not have Balder (As now shown on Robb's coasters article )

And i do think Balder is better than Twister, no?


I did some more digging and found it is quite possible to do both parks in 2-2.5 days , and have about a full day total in both.

I now have to decide wether to go between the cities by air or rail as prices are almost identical.


As i see it a 1 hour flight = 3 hours by rail , if you consider the time it takes to get to/from city centre to the airports (about 30 min each way) and the fact you have to be at the airport about an hour and a half before takeoff...


It's going to be a marathon, and i won't see too much of the city for sure, but you can't win them all i guess.

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You can do like most people from UK when they visit Liseberg and Gröna Lund:

A early flight to Göteborg and stay at Liseberg the whole day (late evening riding is the best thing to do at Liseberg) , overnight at for example the ibis BoatHotell. Then take a early train to Stockholm to visit Gröna Lund and take a late flight back to UK.


/// Marcus

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Basically what i thought about Lond,

Although the earliest you get to stockholm from goteborg by train is around noon.

Still leaves a good few hours of riding though.


By the way lond, As a local , Which park do you think is better coasters wise?

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Hi there.

As you heard, it´s possible to make the two parks in two days. (Even if I am a "At-least-2-days-in-every-park-gay")

The transportations between the parks and in the citys are good, but book now. (In the citys, I only use my feets btw)

Hotel should not be a problem.

On normaly days in late june, there can be a bit waiting-lines. But about 45-60 min is about max. The most popular can of course have longer ones. ( Balder had 3 hrs first year).

Gröna lund has no "Expressline" but Liseberg has one. But you have to buy tickets ahead at there homepage and it will only get you

express-tickets for three rides (three times). But DO IT !


Well, I went to Gröna Lund 5 times last year and Liseberg one.

2 days ago I was at Liseberg again and yes, Balder is the best of the Sweeds, I think. But now you dont have to choose.


Have fun

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Ok Guys,


Following advices from this forum and due to the prices of flights,

My route will be starting at Gothenburg - spending the first day (at least) riding "balder" as much as is can.

The second day - i will take the train early as possible toward stockholm and Grona lund.

* Planning on buying a reboockable train ticket, so in case i feel i need some more "balder" time I will have the option to take a later train *

The last half day - More grona lund/some Stockholm sights seeing...


Beside the bigger rides -All the roller coasters, the drop tower at liesberg and eclipse at Grona lund

what do you think are the must-do-hidden-gems in these two parks?


And, what is the not to be missed food while you are in Liesberg\Grona lund? (read somewhere on some great deserts i think )

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