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well, i strike again, i built an nl coaster, and for once it's actually NOT fatal! go figure...


Anyways, the coaster is named orion, it's a b&M hyper with an insane and forceful first drop, although, airtime wise it lacks a bit, but it's fun nonetheless


Enjoy your ride on orion!


(Oh, and before someone asks, yes, i am Devious from CS, RCT*Mart, rct2.com, and others)


the screen, it's screwy, i apologize


the track

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What's the problem with necroposting this up? The OP obviously got no responses initially, and it makes it findable for people who weren't "awesome enough" to be on this site back then.


Pending the OP sees this...I liked it, but it didn't feel very B&M at all. The overbank turns and spiralling dive felt much more Intamin, so I did a little 5 second edit job to see what it would be like. Feels better to me, I think.


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This coaster was posted almost FOUR YEARS AGO


A. B&M DOES use overbank turns (See: Diamondback, etc.) VERY similar to what i used, tho the low ones were more intamin-y than anything


B. if i wanted to bump it, i would go through, rebuild the stupid parts of it, heartline it, increase the first drop height (as to get more speed on the hills, as it lacks therem and generally make a much better ride out of it than what is here


Just stop responding, and let it die

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this thread will live...


I will download the coaster in 4 months and make a post that I downloaded it and in 7 weeks after that I will come back and post what I feel about it just to piss the new moderator devious off...

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That's the whole point of the search function. To find stuff. This NL track file obviously struck a chord with solowingdemon, and he posted about it.


I don't get the pissy-ness of it being brought back up from the dead. Had you not responded, it'd already be halfway down the page and forgotten.


The best way to let a thread die, is to leave it alone.


Matt "Not Lockin' it" Jacobs

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Not really pissy-ness, just annoyed


It's almost 4 years old, i gave up on this project and a good number of others a long time ago, and i generally dont like people digging up old crap i made since i consider this crap myself


Seriously, the layout is terrible, the speed through it is terrible, the ending makes no sense at all, it has basically no airtime, and has generally terrible g's


I've made more realistic coasters in RCT

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