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Familypark Neusiedlersee(Austria) builds a new coaster

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Havent´t found a thread so i open a new one for the little park in Austria.

They are building "Rattenmühle" a bobsled coaster for this season and looks like it may become a fun one.


Here are some facts:

Height: 19 meter

Lenght: 430m

max. speed: 54 km/h


and here are some pictures from http://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/coasterfriends-insider-1/newscenter-park-und-coaster-news-park-talk-5/europa-news-67/5083-2013-neuheit-rattenmuehle-bobsled-coaster-familypark-neusiedlersee-osterreich.html :


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The Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster has been, in my opinion, surprisingly unsuccessful as of late, which is really a shame. I thought, with the coasters' smaller footprint but insane g-forces, the coaster would become extremely popular to all kinds of amusement parks. This Bobsled coaster is the first, non-dark ride (Van Helsing at Movie Park Germany), Bobsled coaster since 2006! Really quite sad, because I was always hoping a ride like Heiße Fahrt would come to a park near me in the U.S.

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I think the combination of the two track styles works great here,

especially with all the surrounding vegetation and landscaping.


I think it all depends on the colour of the track (really!) and what

the surroundings are, with it.


Looks great. Thanks for sharing the update photos!


I love all of this, how it looks among the trees, etc.

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Very impressed with the theming of everything there on that Sky Fly.


And - I think I found a date, to meet that lovely (but probably lonely) winged female up there on the attraction...


He lives in Europa Park. (o; (TPR 2008 Europe Tour)

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Wow Gerstlauer really sold a good amount of Sky Flys this year. This is without a doubt the best themed one I have seen yet! I would be surprised if we see one that looks better than this one any time soon.

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