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Photo TR: Bill's MexicOLE! 2013 TPR Tour

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^5 ~ Thanks! And yeah, I miss my old film camera too - just a bit, heh heh. I must admit, though, there are/were some (I thought) pretty good shots I took on this tour, that I would not have been able to get with my old camera. Too much time (if you can call a couple of seconds that) spent to line up the shot. This was way too easy for me with the digital one. So, it's probable I will stick with the new one and keep the old one around - just for the memory of, lol.


^4 ~ Thanks and great touring with you again, Ginny!

You thought about going back to Scandinavia next year?


^3 ~ Heh heh, oh that was alright, Gary! I thought the "magic trick" up, after getting home and

going through all the shots. Seemed to work for me. And glad you enjoyed it, too. (Pg.2 - halfway down...)


^2 ~ There was actually a lot of good Mexican food to be had on this tour. There was the exception of the parks that served chicken burgers and such. Not very creative with them, or that tasty, either. The fries however, were mostly great, every time I had them! And there was usually, always BEER, too!


^1 ~ Thanks ...and Thanks Mark! I am doing okay, at 60+ now... but I just found out the no-ride age on Dondopna at Fuji-Q is....54??? (I'm on the upcoming Japan tour) Who thought that number up? But that's ok, I've ridden it twice before and got the credit in 2007, ha ha.

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^ it was great meeting you too Jo, and us hanging around with the others.

I think we did alright with what we wanted to do, see and ride.

And eat and drink, lol! Mmmm La Chata restaurant....


I hope we'll definitely meet up again, on another (Scandi)

upcoming (SCANDI) tour (2014), perhaps?


Cheryl, JC, Betty, Ginny...and you Jo! Outside our (current) fave restaurant in Guadalajuara.

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And now... ~ SOUVENIRS! ~


As this was a bit of a short tour, compared to the marathon I did

for China back in September, the souvenir haul was not as big as

other ones.


But, there was stuff to bring back, lol. Here's the first part of it....


First of all - "The Most Important Souvenir" of this TPR Tour - The Goodies Backpak!


The bunch of it all.


A couple a nice shirts there. The Tour shirt, and a Six Flags Mexico shirt, in my fave colour, RED! Awesome.


The 3 mugs I picked up. La Feria with the nice stir spoon; Six Flags (and I KNOW it'll be from Mexico even if it doesn't say "Mexico" on it...darnit); and Selva Magica in gold, even though it was the 25th anny of the park, lol. (I mean, it IS supposed to be silver, yes? No?)


And this part of show and tell ends with The Hotels Haul - soaps, shampoos, etc. - and the nice Agave cream in the middle there. From Jose Cuervo's!

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Some more Souvenirs, these ones hav3ing to do with Candy & Snacks. Yum. What I found interesting about some of the local candy, was that chile pepper was a BIG part of some of it. Not overly OMG mouth-burning spicy, lol. But some of that sweet-salty-sour-spicy taste to everything. Definitely worth a try.


Here's the haul of it all. The Candy-Snacks Haul, I mean. (o;


All sorts of all sorts, heh heh.


Some of it was meh. Others stuff was awesome!


Where most of it all ended up, after the tour. My "snacks drawer", lol. The chile pepper candy is in the left corner there. A liquid candy, too!


And... Best - Snacks Souvenir - Ever! Betty remembered how I loved malt vineager on my french fries (A Brit thing), and saved and gave me these on the tour! (o: Thank you & Big BearHUGS Betty! (They're going with me to Japan next week, too!)

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Here's the other neat stuff I bought and collected on the tour. Everything from the only two park maps one could get (and one of them you had to pay for!) to a small woven creation bought on Palm Sunday in Mexico City. Then there's that plastic 'glass' in the shape of a Corona Extra bottle.... Lots of good stuff, lol!


And ~ back next week with one more post, with thank yous etc.


Two maps (Six Flags Mexico; La Feria), a napkin from that awesome buffet franchise, wrist bands, paper things.


The other stuff I bought or collected.


The plastic Corona Extra glass; shooter glass from Six Flags Mexico; Absolut Vodka (from Airport Duty Free, lol); the woven palm leaf; a little wooden flute from Bicentenario Park.


Better view of the palm weave; my only pin (from Jose Cuervo); mini voodoo doll; Marvin the Martian; glass cocktail stir stik (also Jose Cuervo); towel from Selva Magica; the wooden flute.

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Well, we leave tomorrow, for another awesome TPR Tour - to Japan!

But before that, I better close this TR up. And so I shall...


The "On Ride Photo" taken at Parque Bicentario was actually an In Station Photo,

and really, through all of this tour, there really weren't many (if any) on ride pix to get.

But that was okay. One photo was better than no photos at all, lol.


And although it was a short trip (Saturday to Saturday), it was just as awesome as all the

longer tours I have been on. The (mostly) nice weather, the food, the hotels, the people

of Mexico, the parks, everybody I toured with - all a fantastic part of this tour.


Thanks again go out to Robb and Elissa, for another great tour. You guys were again

a-ma-zing in everything you did for us. Big BEARhugs go out to you guys!


Thanks JC, for being a great room mate on this tour. Although I must say, I don't think I

ever had a roomie who got up earlier than me, every morning LOL! It was great

and I hope we get to tour together in the not-too-distant future.


So that's all I got from the TPR Mexico Tour! I hope that some day, many of you will get

the chance to visit this country, ride some coasters, eat great food, sightsee. All good.


And thank you to all of you who read this TR from me. I hope you enjoyed it from my

point of view and that you yourself, will post trip reports of your own awesome tours with TPR.


So ADIOS AMIGOS...and see you on a Theme Park Review Tour some year!


My one "in station photo" lol. Me and JC in front. Cliff and Michael behind us. On the Montana Rusa loopscrew coaster, at Parque Bicentario.


Me and JC - an awesome room mate. See you sooner than late I hope, buddy.


Me and The Alveys. Robb looking lovely, as usual. Great tour guys; you Rawked Mexico!

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