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Photo TR: Bill's MexicOLE! 2013 TPR Tour

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Day 3 ~ Leaving La Feria ~ Mall = 2 coasters!


So after it was near time to leave, most of us headed back to the entrance gate, back on the bus, and then on to one more destination with credits.


But first - a Clown Intervention, of sorts. I was taking a number of photos of groups of clowns posing with other people. And then - this one clown spotted me taking the pix, and broke away from his group to.....uh....say hello? He also took my camera away and proceeded to walk away with, and then I grabbed his umbrella, and held it for ransom! Big choice, huh? It was fun and it all worked out, his name is Marvin, and he wants to move and live in Canada! Wish I could help, but I couldn't.


And then, on to Perimagico, a small fun centre and indoor amusement park inside this HUGE HUGE mall. Big food court and big number of shops and franchises (Toys'R'Us) to poke around in.


An interesting way to end our third day, in Mexico City.


On the way out, this stage had a magic show going on,. But what caught my ear was the music used was from Cirque du Soleils ALLEGRIA!


This is the group - and Marvin is there with his umbrella. Before he sees me....


So he's got my camera. And I have his umbrella. Take A Picture, already!


And here we are, Marvin and me. Sweet guy. Any sponsors to Canada, out there?


One last look, where we all began. Bye bye La Feria!


This was wierd. I assumed the birds picked out fortunes, had their wings clipped, were kept ok. Still, sad to see. This was just outside the fences of the park, where we came in.


And just like that - whoooosh! We're in Perimagico, that's a SwingDance with the indoor coaster racing around it. Twice!


The family coaster is called Huracan. And here's Gary and Cliff being a 'family', happy to be riding.


A game, with Ken against Barbie. But I think Barbie's about to plotz, there.


Then, wouldn't you know it, everybody seemed more excited for the wacky worm (Oruga Feliz), outside in the light drizzle we then got.


So this was the first dispatch of these credit whores.


Yes Anth, we see you there. Shameless. We had fun, though.


Hey Josh. 'sup? (Oh yes, this was one of 'those times' where the ride ops had to push the train to the lift hill.)


And Keith just smiles and smiles and... (uh...you already been on The Smiler, man?)


Back in the mall rides area, the sign for Huracan coaster caught my eye. Quite the design it was.


Decisions, decisions....


Not happy to see this. The poor animals, bunched together in basic "aquarium" space.


And finally, this caught my eye, too. So - a showing of something to come? Stay tuned...

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....and I thought I would try adding another video I made with my little digital camera.


This is a 1/2 minute of what was called SwingDance at Perimagico Park in the mall.

Didn't ride it, but looked interesting. And the vid starts out with the indoor coaster Halocan,

zipping around the flat. Ran around it twice, in fact.





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^ Great to hear, Ginny. Hope you enjoy the rest of what I have here.


And here's a peek at next week's Day 4 on the TPR Tour...


Our next park and credits - with a bit of a nice view here.

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Day 4 ~ Parque Bicentario - and on to Guadalajuara!


Today we left Mexico City and started our drive to Guadalajuara.

And along the way, there was a nice city park with rides for us to enjoy.

With one Very Special Time I think everybody enjoyed there.


Bicentario is spread out without too much trees or shade. There was this huge tent you

walked through to get to some of the other rides. And with tables and chairs, this was

definitely a setup for families and groups to bring their picnics and enjoy them in the park.


So we went in, and headed towards our first coaster credit - Montana Rusa, a loopscrew coaster.

(Interesting that it was named the same as the mobius wooden coaster at La Feria!)


On our way to Bicentario and Guadalajuara. And this is how freeway landscaping starts out...


...And how it ends up! Very simple but nice, I thought.


Then there were these I spotted along the way. Reminded me of Seattle and the few unfinished on and off ramps they had, for years.


Another one. Unfinished. Sad.


Now this... This reminded me if either a Blade Runner-style theme park; or something Disney would design for their Evil Villains City theme park. You decide. I like either.


And here's our park stop ahead - Bicentario.


Portable landscaping, lol Very nice and a lot of them on the entrance mall to the park.


I'm not too sure who this was. But obviously, an important guy, right?


Park map. That's all I got.


Big Signs! Big Words! I'm Sold! What am I Buying?! (And supported by your International Tostitos/Doritos Company.)


More nice simple landscaping in the first turn (to the lifthill) of the large coaster in the park.


And here it is - interestingly enough, also called Montana Rusa! A "loopscrew" coaster.


A view of architecture we kept seeing from the bus, but I couldn't take the right photo - till now, in the park. I like it. More on Wednesday...

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But before Wednesday comes.... a Video!


This was taken at Parque Bicentario, along part of the tent covered

walkway, in front of their REPTILE HOUSE.


I wasn't interested in the reptile house at all, but the blowup jitter-bugging gator in front,

along with the booming voicetape to get us in there.... it was fun to watch and hear.



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Day 4 ~ Parque Bicentario, cont. ~ Dinner in Guadalajuara!


So when we got to our smaller coasters, after riding the loopscrew,

we found that one of them, Selva del Raton (Wild Mouse), wasn't going

to allow our group on it unless we had children with us on the ride!


And just in front of us, was this big group of school children planning to

ride the mouse as well as us...



Elissa introduced our group to the adults with the children, asked if it was possible

for us and them to 'pair up' thereby getting us the credit, and hopefully contributing

to the kids having a good 5time, as well.


And the answer was YES, but no to Ellissa offering candy, or money! They would have

none of that, so each of us got our own little Coaster Buddy for the ride! My guy was

named Pedro and he held on as tight as me and yelled out just as much as I did!


It was really awesome to connect with the kids, and my only regret is that I didn't get a

photo taken of Pedro and me. The whole thing happened so fast, we all just jumped into

it and got our ride credit.... so if anybody from the tour, has any photos at all of

this wonderful event at PB, PLEASE POST IT/THEM HERE! With much thanks from me.


Well after that happy time, we did some more time in the park, had a lunch there

(excellent home made burritos!), then continued on our way to Guadalajuara. Settled into

our room, then headed out for dinner. And with the advice of our helpful doorman, a group

of us found a restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. Crammed with locals, the

service was great, the food and drink was excellent.


So it was a delicious end to a really memorable day on the tour.


A water raft ride. I "heard" you really got WET on this, so I thought no, not today.


A swinging pirate ride. I liked the statue, but that light pole ... no comment. (o;


Themeing - live swans!


Now this coaster (a wacky worm) we could ride on our own. Go figure. And I also later found out, you were allowed to walk across the grass, unlike us who at first walked allllllll the way around on the pathway. To get to the mouse coaster. But better to be safe...then find out later, lol.


And here's the Wild Mouse, with the great group of kids we rode with. Again, Please Post Photos (group, pairs, etc) here. Much appreciated, guys.


Lunch. And it (the burittos) was Awesome! The typical melted cheese and chips was...ok.


Now on our way to our hotel in Guadalajuara. Liked the cloud formations here.


Arrived - then immediate snack buying, across the street. But who names a bakery franchise BIMBO? Must mean something different in Mexican.


Snacks what I bought. The Churrumais were ok. The Freskas were better. Wish I had bought more of them.


Our nice room at the hotel. Hi JC! Comfy?


I laughed when I saw the "Dorothy" up there. Don't know why. Must have been an OZ thing, heh.


Lobby shot. And this was a Holiday Inn, believe it!


Starting our great dinner, around the corner from the hotel.


Group shot - JC, Jo, Cheryl, Ginny, and Betty.


Me and Ginny enjoying our meal..... I think.


The Bank. For paying The Bill. Which was really reasonable, even with the beers/alcohol.


And the place is called La Chata. Check it out if ever you are in Guadalajuara. I certainly will, next visit! And our first evening there, ended.

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^ I know, I know! It was awesome, there. Definitely one of the reasons to go back to Mexico, yes? Yum.


And here's a "preview pic" from next week's Day 5 of the tour, where we go to Selva Magica Park,

and then really discover the makings...of the true, tasty, joy of TEQUILA!


This = Tequila!

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At the Jose Quervo Tequila factory in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico!


(Coming up this week on Day 5 of the tour...)


What it is...is art.

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In regard to Bimbo Bread, the name was a combination of Bambi and Bingo.


It's actually pretty common to see bimbo bread in the Philly area. The Philadelphia Union MLS team is sponsored by Bimbo which led to some rather unfortunate jerseys.


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^ Ah, thanks for the info about Bimbo. I thought it was only in Mexico,

since that's only where I have see it, to date.

And my sympathy goes out to that team with the unfortunate jerseys.

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Day 5 ~ Selva Magica Park


This was the main park we visited in the Guadalajuara area, which had four coasters to ride - although only three were available (the Zierer family coaster was closed for maintenance), but we had a great time while there.


And this is where I got to do my first SkyCoaster, with Betty, and it was quite exhilarating! But the body harness started squeezing around my chest when we were slowing down, and I thought I was going to pass out from the pressure! Thankfully, we were down and out of it before that occured.


The park had a sort of uneven layout to it, but easily manageable in walking around. And lunch wasn't a big deal (good old chicken burgers...again), but of course with the right beverage..... mmmmm delish.


Here's some photos of the first part of our day at Selva Magica...


Morning shot outside our hotel window. reminds me of West Side Story, or something New Orleans-like.


Two shots of the lobby as we left for the park. Shot #1


Shot #2 One was with flash. The other, not. I forget which was which, but I like this one of the two, myself.


Right there beside our bus, a little (flag) reminder of home.


Group Bus Shot. A pretty awesome group, yes?


Nick is still waking up, hence the fuzziness. With Keith.


Instead of a Tree of Life, Selva Magica has their Fountain of Life.


Another mural to try and figure out. A pretty big one, too. This was just before the entrance to the park.


With the all-important explanation sign. Looks like the mural was created in 2010 for Mexico's 200th birthday!


We're here!


Ticket pass prices. Guess which one Robb and Elissa got for us?


Map of the park. Our three coasters to ride, were all over on the left, there.


I know it's NOT what it looks like ~ but I had to smile when I saw the sign. And misread it.


Here's the closed down Catarina coaster. No big loss for most of us.


Our ERT on Titan, a steel jet coaster.


The turn around of the coaster. It's a VERY simple layout, lol.


Got the shot, but they needed to be back just a bit. Still, there's happiness in that train.


Next on our ERT session, time on the old Pinfari coaster, Jubile. (I think it's missing an 'e', but who's to say...)


Station Shot #1


Station Shot #2


And...Station Shot #3


Not much else to say about it. A simple Pinfari layout, it was.


And then on to a lovely old Schwarzkopf jumbo jet coaster, named Tornado. We used to have one of these at our local park. I miss it.


And this is the part I like the most of the coaster. (Also, no seat belts or OTSRs - yay!)

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Selva Magica, cont...


After we'd done our ERT, management took us into the back area of the park, and showed us around all the pieces and parts of rides and themeing that weren't being used any more. Except for one particular coaster. This one was previously known as The Bullet and resided in a couple of parks, before it turned up here at Selva. "The word is" that this will be put back together, hopefully next year and be open to the public again. Very cool to find that out!


A few more rides... and then there was The Woman. Actually, it was a Pregnant Walk-Through Woman. Uh, okay. It was basically an edu-tainment thing showing different parts of the body. But not the naughty bits, hee hee. We entered through the head and eventually exited through.... the side of the leg. And the baby in the womb was a pretty freeky thing to see, and it sort of shocked me, when the light on it suddenly went on and it started moving! But I survived the tour. We all did.


The SkyCoaster was done with Betty, but like I said before, it was totally exhilarating when the cord was pulled and we dove for the ground, swinging over it into a perfect arc. But when we started slowing down, the harness started getting tighter around my chest and I really didn't think I could take it much more. But I got down and out of it just in time.


Then there was the discovery (to me) of a wonderful beverage involving beer...and clamato juice! And spices and even Maggi Sauce, instead of the usual Worcestershire Sauce in it. And it tasted great! Excellent way to cool off, drink some beer, and end the visit to Selva Magica.


Here we are, heading back into the 'boneyard' of the park.


The stairway to nowhere.


Lots of stuff here.


Great back view of Tornado from here.


I'm lost!


Betty's found something interesting - I think.


And here is part of the one loop in The Bullet. With Robb on top.


Me, being not so agile on it.


I thought this was going to be a crazy ride, but it wasn't. To me, anyway. MegaDance wasn't so 'mega' after all.


We 'think' this was supposed to be the Haunted Walk-Through in the park. But, not really that sure about it.


And there in the distance....


Here she is!


Enter at her head - exit at her...... leg.


I got a kick out of the cars on this kids ferris wheel.


Getting ready for SkyCoaster. Simple harness, hmm?


Josh and Cheryl....doing it.


This looked funny, like Cheryl was trying to grab the coaster to stop the swinging. And Josh is saying "Why Worry?"


Lunch. Simple chicken burger with fries. With something extra special on it....


Nipples of Mayonnaise! (o:


And a great beverage to end the visit. Thanks Selva Magica!

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And here's a few more videos from Selva Magica...


The first is of this (what I thought) lame flat in the park called MEGADANCE.

Well, it certainly didn't "dance" around too much, and although there is I believe,

one scream heard in it's cycle... meh. It wasn't much to watch, either. And I

took a second video of the ride, with closeups on various cars, etc.


The third video is of the nice woman who made up our (what I called) Mexican Cocktails.

Basically it's just beer (Corona or Victoria) and clamato juice, with spices. But she used MAGGI

Sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce...and it was goood. Especially in the hot afternoon.






And tomorrow - Tequila!

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Day 5 ~ On the road to...Tequila!


After we left Selva Magica, we then headed to the growing fields where agave is grown,

harvested, and then turned into a few things (like hand cream) and especially..... TEQUILA!


The agave plant itself is a mass of razor sharp leaves, all guarding an in-the-ground Main Part

of making tequila...the "pineapple." A few of us took a try at planting the pineapples, cutting

the leaves... and a couple of us (Ryan, Cliff) proved much better at doing it, than others (me).


After the tour of the fields, we bussed on to the actual town of Tequila,

(in the state/province of Jalisco) where the process all happens...


Highway art. Bet it looked really nice after dark, with the fountains and lights around it, on.


Through another town with great architecture in it.


This was certainly different .


Nick had a short nap, with Keith's support.


Our bus' name. Which proved to be not exactly true, later on, after dinner.


Caught in a drive by. And in that order?


Heading out into the countryside, here.


Love the mountains, when we come across any, lol.


Finally, the fields of agave appear.


The fields keep going on and on and...


...on and on and on. So much agave to make so much tequila.


More agave fields.


Watching the demo of planting and cutting the agave fields.


The pineapple, ready to plant.


Everybody avoiding the razor sharp agave leaves.


Ha. Poser. (With the harvested pineapples, ready for processing, back in town.)


Ta Daaah! The town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico!


With the (official?) Tequila KegMobile cruising around town. Lots of souvenir tequila kegs (huge and tiny, filled and un- ) sold in various shops in the city.


Yay! Another Canada shout out. (o:


A Tequila church. We were walking through the city at this time, to get to the tequila factory.


Inside of the church. Just beautiful. And all funded from tequila sales! (o;


Side of the church behind us. And ahead of us...Jose Quervo Tequila factory!

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And here's Ryan, doing his best to cut that agave plant, lol!

It's also the best of the ones I took, with the WIND (sound) a bit lighter.

But not by much, heh.




Excellent work, Ryan - Ole!

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We arrive at Jose Cuervo Tequila Factory. And what do they greet us with? Margaritas!!!

And...hair nets! We had to wear them during the tour, if "dust" from the discards of the pineapples

float over our heads. Awesome. We also couldn't use camera in the main section of the "factory".

Some of us thought though, that this was kind of those "set up tours," which had all the themeing

and equipment shown for the making of tequila. These things we were being shown, they actually

weren't using at all. When they weren't allowing us to see the bottling section, we thought something's up.


But that was okay. It was a great tour, and we got more margaritas when the tour ended! Yummy.

And then dinner "happened" to be just across an alleyway in another building, cross from Jose Cuervo.

More awesome!


Then - on our way back from Tequila, something happened with our "express bus". It sounded like the

gears were crapping out, but I don't really know busses (or cars for that matter) too well, lol. Whatever it

was, we eventually had to come to a halt, at the side of the highway, the driver phoned for a new bus,

we waited and eventually we were on our way back to the hotel. It put us out probably an hour or so,

but at least we got back without having to hitch our way back, LOL. Good times...


First margarita of the tour at Jose Cuervo! Jo and me.


And me and Ginny. I get around.


A table of locals was playing this tile game. Not Mah Jong, but something like it, I guess. Looked interesting.


When they produce their Ultra Expensive OMG smooth top brand Family Reserve Tequila, they invite an artist to design a box for that year's special packaging. Here's the wall of yearly boxes.


I liked this design for the 2011 tequila.


And this one for 2008. Some really beautiful designs on these boxes.




Our tour starts! This was our guide. He was great and was approachable for questions and information. (Sorry, I forget his name. )


Truck behind him is for all the pineapples' residue after for processing.


And yes, we ALL wore those hair nets. Hi Robb and Ryan!


A Mexican mural, what else? They love to make murals, they really do!


And this one of course, was the history of making tequila!


After the tour, there was greeting Cuervo's mascot.


Noted. But...."delicate specie"? It's a raven!


The mascot in question. I forgot 'his' name too.


Me and our great guide, posing. In our hair nets, heh heh.


Guide without net. And Cliff. Probably trying to get a tequila recipe out of the guy.


And ~ Robb in his Happy Place ~ art

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As I said before, after the Jose Cuervo factory tour, we just walked across a small roadway.... and there was dinner! The place was noisy and festive. Lots of music being heard from our upstairs reserved room - with a bar.




The food, as usual on this tour, was excellent. And after dinner, there was some fooling around with a plastic

mallet I remember (I think Robb should, since he's the one I bopped, when I was chasing Kristen, lol). And

then Ryan and Larry were posing as drunken.... uh...tourists? HUGE tequila bottles, too. All in fun.


Then, we started to head back to the hotel, and the trouble started with the bus. It was touch and go, whether

we were going to get a replacement bus, in sufficient time (i.e. not after midnight?). But we did, get back to

the hotel, and that was it for the day.


Our dinner table, with Jo demo-ing that old pose - the Deer In Headlights look, heh heh. And Nick in back there, happy as ever.


Starter soup. Very good soup. And I swear I did NOT slosh mine over the edge! This is how it arrived! Really!


Main course. Excellent burritos, too.


JC and Ginny's main course. They looked...interesting. I think they both said theirs was good, too.


Dessert. It was delish. (o;


And the "other tourists" who wandered upstairs and decided to have their own fine time.

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Here's a peek at part of our final day in Mexico.


More to share of it all, next week


Table and setting for our final group meal together. )o:

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Day 6 - Heading back to Mexico City - Farewell Dinner


The drive back to Mexico city from Guadalajara was nothing really exciting. But when we stopped for a meal break, I was pleased that we stopped at a franchise I had recently read about and all the "amazing buffet food there was, that you could handle." (review quote) Fair enough. But when we went into the place, I was truly astounded at how much food there was available! It was awesome! And the dessert bar was the capper, for a great (and Rea$onable, too) end to the meal.


After that, back on the bus and back to Mexico City, and for our final night in Mexico, we were staying at the Airport Hotel, which made for oh-so-easy access to our respective departure gates, etc. Mine, at least, lol.


Then we had a final group meal together, and after that... Pitchers of Margaritas! I and a couple of others stayed up all night, 'cause our planes took off at some un-gawdly hours, like 5:30am for mine. And then one final Mocha Frappucino from StarBucks (right beside the hotel elevator), and I was on my way home. )o:


Here we are! My all-carnivore plate, with a "bit of salad" on the side, just to offset the MEAT. (o: And it was all delicious!


And - what was left of it all, when I got through with it all. Now, on to dessert!


MMM lots of good stuff here. But more importantly....


The Sundae is The Dessert Master above all.


Jeremiah's dessert plate with Dessert Master and a few chocolate lackeys on it. (o;


And - we're at the airport hotel! Just like that!


Hmmm. Somebody(s) forgot their yummy chocolate...whatever on stix. And NO I did NOT touch them! Very tempted....but no. The drinks left, looked interesting, too.


Everybody gathered for a final dinner together.


Checking on how things are going, prep wise.


Our tables, lying in wait...

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~ Farewell Dinner ~


Not much to add to this, except again, we got some prepared cactus with our main course (still looked and tasted like green beans to me, lol); there was a screen up above the tables, continually showing sports stuff, but thankfully they turned the sound way down for us. I still think it odd they even left the thing on while we dined. Oh well, we got through it okay.


Then afterwards, several of us stayed up late and later, buying pitchers of margaritas and saying goodbyes to everybody we'd toured with. And then there only a few of us left - with me staying up all night till I had to check in for my flight - at 0330. Yum. I survived, got my last drink (from Mexico) from Starbucks, and then several hours' flight later, was home.


Then (at home) in the mid-afternoon, while still recovering from the flight AND thinking on my just having turned 60 that day. a bunch of good friends showed up and surprised me with a potluck birthday party!!! I - was - shocked. Truth. Tired and happy, but very overwhelmed.


And so it goes - with a bit more to follow, next week.


One group seated along one table...


Another group along another table...


And us at the corner!


Me and JC - great roomies we was, I gotta say, buddy!


Appetizers, I remember.


Main course, with that prepared cactus beside it. Was good, but not like I'd want it ever other day, lol.


Group 1 eating.


Group 2...eating, too!


Cheryl gets her usual vegetarian substitution. A 'minimalist' salad.


Waiting for dessert.


Dessert arrives! It's chocolate. It's square. It's iced. It's nutty. It's chocolate!


And (ahem) "one or two" of us got waaay more servings than others did.


My usual goodbye shot with R&E, forgetting every time what Robb does, when we take these photos. One of these years, I'll catcha, Robb!


And ~ The Group Goodbye Hug! I think I even heard a wee bit of crying from this bunch. Nick, was that you? :p


Then we started our first pitcher of margaritas. JC and Ginny and I, toasting the week we just did.


Bye, bye you guys! A great fun group to tour with you all were. And don't forget when your flights take off, ha ha.


Mmm leftovers. Everybody's gone to bed...


Except me and these two. (Mikey and Karl.)


Then, me and Karl have a goodbye moment.


Finally I am on my own (2am-ish), with my Starbucks Mocha Frappucino. (o: And then, flying back to home.

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