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Unnecessary Queuing Lines

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Flight deck at Canada's wonderland has a pretty long queue, but if there is nobody there you can cut through the grass. And Apocalypse's at SFA is sorta long.


... that's how my auto-correct spells it apparently

I know how you feel.


But really, Power Tower at Cedar Point seems like it doesn't need all of those overflows. It's never that long of a line.

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Some other guy decided to make a new topic for this, then it was locked and this thread was tagged so i've decided to bring it back from the dead. A few notable ones from parks i've visited:


Wildfire at Kolmarden. Holy, this thing could hold probably 2-3 hours of queue, theres two sets of switchbacks that extend from the station all the way to the first drop, whereas the ride had a 15 minute queue tops mid-summer. I guess they're future proofing it.


Furius Baco at PortAventura. With simply the indoor section the queue is maybe 3 hours? possibly more but the outdoor vineyard switchbacks would safely put it at 5 hours I think. Theres two major indoor areas and they were filled with a 3 hour wait throughout my week at the park.


Stealth at Thorpe Park. Now this isn't as extreme as the other two but in my 10 years of visiting the park, I have never seen all the extensions used at once, and when one is opened its usually not necessary.


Could also include like nemesis and galactica but people have mentioned them so whatever. Oblivion is an interesting one because either the whole queue is filled or none of it at all, once a queue builds up for it (usually by Smiler shutting down) the queue will not die down for the rest of the day.

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On the recently locked post,SFA's JJ & S:ROS were mentioned,and I agree-it's been like 10+ years since I've seen the "overflow switchback" areas even close to being used.

And I'll give an honorable mention to Great Adv.'s B:TR.It's still a popular ride but it seems like the "city park" switchback is rarely used nowadays.

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SFMM's B: TR uses its full queue on crowded days, but Viper is a different story. I've heard stories of its prime, when the queue line would not only fill up all the switchbacks, but would stretch all the way down to the front plaza. Those days are long gone, however, and the line hardly ever reaches the lower level of the station, except on crowded days. I've never seen the switchbacks being used.

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I guess I'm still feeling out how things are done here. I'll be respectful of the wishes of the mods. I would have thought that its safe enough to start a thread when the only one that's close to your topic was started 8 years ago, and has had no activity in years.


But unused queuing capacity has always been an interest of mine. I just find it hilarious. As I mentioned, I probably see more of it, as I generally plan to go parks Monday-Friday to avoid lines, and I never really see the Saturday crowds. I just realistically couldn't see myself waiting for a whole house of switchbacks for something like the Joker's Jinx. Although, Flight of Fear, which is basically the same ride indoors with a block does seem to get massive lines, and uses the outdoor switchbacks.


I really feel like if you get to the point that your park is getting 2-3 hour lines for rides, you need to take a look at virtual queuing options. Some rides have limited capacity, we get that, but there are logical ways to get your 800 people per hour through without them being penned up like cattle together for two hours.

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