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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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Does anyone know if Nick Land makes the rest of park less busy??? Or is it too early to judge...


I am so glad they haven't put restraints on Nickleodeon Streak (Roller Coaster), as this is what gave it all its charm as the world's only coaster without restraints. I remember the first time I rode it I was hugely scared also remember that video, if it had restraints Robb could not do his thing at 3 minutes 30 seconds:



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The Hoff was there for two reasons. The first is that he was in Spongebob Squarepants. The second is that he was in the UK anyway as he has replaced Simon Cowel as a judge on Britains Got Talent which is doing its auditions just now.


No photos from the weekend, but here are my thoughts.


The new ticket centre looks nice. Its now in the white tower building and is a pretty large facility. It should be able to handle the number of visitors PBB gets.


The entrance is still under Noahs Ark. Security here has been beefed up since my last visit quite a bit. There are metal detectors, staff with wands, then you have to put a ticket in a little barcode reader to get through the turnstiles. This little ticket is seperate from the wristband and is so you can leave the park and come back in again. It was not needed however, as they were stamping hands with UV stamps when you leave, so you didnt need the ticket to return anyway.


It seems like a park of two parts to me now. The rest of the park, though cleaned up here and there, still seems to have largely gumpy ride staff. In Nick land however, the staff all seemed rather enthusiastic and proud. And so they should be, it looks really good there. The new panels and seat covers on the wooden trains are really nice, and both Nick streak and blue streak were running really well. Avitar looks good, and splash bash is alot of fun for spectators and riders. They also had alot of the costumed charatcers around, and on the whole the area felt really good. The Dora ride still isnt finished at the moment. Looks like it will be an outdoor rode though.


Other than that, Valhalla had only one effect not working (the lines and square of fire you go through at the bottom of the second drop) which is about what you expect from it these days. Usually its the water tunnel thats down, so it was cool to see that on. I like the changes to the ghost train, with some of the trauma towers stuff recycled there and a whole newly themed section.


Oh, and for geeks, the three disused Roller Coaster cars were sitting in the carpark next to the entrance.


Thats just a few thoughts from the visit, it was quite a low key one.


EDITED to add:


I didnt try the speedy pass thing, but they have a seperate room for it under Noahs Ark once your passed security. I didnt even stick my head in cos I knew we wouldnt need it, but there seemed to be plenty of folk in there.

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The Hoff was there for two reasons. The first is that he was in Spongebob Squarepants. The second is that he was in the UK anyway as he has replaced Simon Cowel as a judge on Britains Got Talent which is doing its auditions just now.


Thanks! I didn't know either of those!

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I'm not going to Blackpool anymore next month

People dropping out of trips SUCK!


Time wise, how long would the ride be via train from Glasgow to Blackpool? My knowledge of british Rail isn't good 9nor have I heard good things of it, but back on topic), and if it's a short jaunt, I'm sure you could do the trip on your own in a day.

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I'd say pretty busy. The Pleasure Beach always seems to have rides that aren't though. e.g. Sometimes there is a huge queue for the Wild Mouse but Grand National is empty! I'd just go and check it out, whenever I go I always get on loads!

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Sorry I am new on here and didn't know if there was a topic about this.


Basically Valhalla is getting a new facade which may be white, some new internal scenes. Apparantley this was meant to happen last year but Nickelodeon Land set this back to this year.


Some photos of Valhalla's facade getting destroyed here. http://www.pleasurebeachexperience.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1404&start=90

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I hope that whatever they decide to put in its place still has a cheesy but awesome look like the old facade. The ride to my knowledge is fairly new(for water rides), so this comes as a surprising move. Is there any word as to the extent of "some new internal scenes"? I can't imagine there were too many scenes to begin with, so are they going with an entirely new story, or will this be more along the lines of the Monster Mansion/Plantation makeover that occurred a couple years back? I've heard many great things about this ride, and it would be sad to see it ruined. However, given Blackpool's current reputation, I'm a little concerned.

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This still my favorite water ride, and if this rehab restores it to its former glory, that's great. I'd love to see it with all the effects working.

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^Just going to say that. The effects weren't being maintained properly and fell into disrepair. If this refurb can restore the effects (maybe add some new ones as well?), that would really boost this ride. From what I've heard, it was already amazing; hoping this will bring it up and not down.

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It seems like they are getting rid of most of the facade, this was an explanation as to why they were doing this.


There are six pumps at the top of Valhalla for the waterfall effect. As far as I'm aware, 4 are being removed and only 2 will remain. This is simply due to it battering the station, cost reasons and the simple fact that they haven't used all six pumps simultaneously in years.


The turnaround is likely to stay. That track is being exposed to lots of rubble, yes, but the feature is an essential block brake, sure the ride system could be reprogrammed etcetera but that would be costly and PBB barely have enough cash as it is.


If you look at these pictures you can see the big ones track supporting it.




Also for those interested The Gold Mine has closed to be transformed into something else, The roof on that is also starting be torn down




The big one is Also being retracted again.






These a lot of work going on this winter at Pleasure Beach, Also Bling has been sold to Sky line park in Germany.


Photos Copyright Pleasure Beach Experience there's more photos on there as well.

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Awesome news on The Big One! it looks like they are retracking probably the most painful part of the ride...good on them!


I completely forgot they used sections of the old Big Ones first drop in the facade for Valhalla, looks kinda funny, I wonder if they will use the new "old" Big One track when they re-facade it


This is very good news for Blackpool, I may even make a trip next year again!

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