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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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Looks like a nice addition/retheme that should be very easy to identify with children and draw more families to the Blackpool area for holiday. I'm just happy that Zipper Dipper and Rollercoaster appear to be staying, renamed to Blue Flyer and Nickelodeon Streak.

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Oh wow, that's pretty high to be fair. Blackpool do actually do Big One lift walks, so knowing them they charged the riders for the walk down.

Posted Images

Great news for blackpool, explains why this year they only spent 3.5 million


So do we think it's safe to say rollercoaster, frog hopper, log flume, magic mountain and zipper dipper will be the 5 re-themed rides?

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I though Magic Mountain would become the Dora dark ride, but its not listed as a re-themed ride. Is that last map anywhere near accurate? It shows Dora in a completely different area and the Bus tour thing being where Magic Mountain is. Looks like this wont play out like I originaly thought. It almost Implies that Dora will be a boat ride as well. It does say 'sail around the world'.


Wild speculation abound!


I love dark rides, so Im looking forward to see what they do with it.


And I say again that I love RollerCoaster having a future. Its the most re-ridable coaster in the park IMO as well as being fun.


EDIT: because i didnt look at that last map properly before I posted.

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Pleasure Beach have updated there facebook with photos of NEW RIDES arriving.

Heres some photos.


Bikini Bottom bus tour ride


Bikini Bottoms Bus tour


Avatar Airbender, disc-o Type ride.


The platform of the ride.


Balloon Flight ride


Parts of the ride.


More parts of the ride.


This is what the Ballon ride's been planned to look like.


The Bikini Bottom Bus tour ride.


The Avatar Airbender ride.


Photos Copyright Pleasure Beach Resort.


I think they looks great and it's a positive step for Blackpool. I will look forward to visiting when finished!

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The Avatar Airbender looks great! I wonder if it will be on the thrill rides list. These are such fun rides, I love the one at Flamingoland. Is this version smaller because it's in the kids area?

Yes It's smaller than the One at Flamingoland I think.

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Some new construction photo's from the pleasure beach facebook

Bikini Bottom bus tour minus the bus and rollercoaster I mean Nickelodeon Streak looking very loud in its new orange paint job


Avatar Airbender



Spongebob Splash Bash and a better look at Rollercoaster's new Nickelodeon Streak paintjob

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This is the first time I've seen a wooden roller coaster held up by carrots! I think I'd prefer it to also be the last.


Why? It's different!


And also, what is the building going to be behind the Nickelodeon Streak going to be? (first picture)

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This is the first time I've seen a wooden roller coaster held up by carrots! I think I'd prefer it to also be the last.


Why? It's different!


And also, what is the building going to be behind the Nickelodeon Streak going to be? (first picture)

That's The rides station.

Here is a Photo from the side of the ride showing more of the paint work from this thread http://www.pleasurebeachexperience.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28&start=160


The ride looking Orange!


And heres some of the area

These Photos were took from outside the park.

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From The Pleasure Beach website



The Promo Image



The wedding of the century is only a few weeks away and to celebrate this, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool is about to launch 2 new trains on the world famous Pepsi Max Big One bearing the names William and Kate alongside brand new Union Jack livery.


In addition we are looking for 15 Williams and 15 Kates to be the first to try out the new trains and potentially find love at the same time by speed dating whilst riding the rollercoaster!


If you are a William or a Kate and would like to join us at Pleasure Beach at 10am on Wednesday 9th February, to take part in this exciting event, contact us via our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pleasurebeachresort and complete the entry form.


The 2 new Union Jack trains, which are to be christened William and Kate, were inspired by Prince William’s visit to Blackpool in November last year. During his visit he enjoyed such thrilling rides as the Ice Blast and Infusion.


Amanda Thompson, Managing Director of Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, comments, “We were delighted to be able to welcome Prince William and his friends to Pleasure Beach last year. We decided to commemorate his visit by naming the new trains after him and his wife to be, Kate Middleton. The Royal couple will be more than welcome to come and try out the trains for themselves”


Pleasure Beach, Blackpool will open its gates for the first time in 2011 on Saturday February 12th 10.00am for the first, fantastic WOW Weekend.


WOW Weekends kick off on 12th & 13th February and run up to the weekend of 2nd and 3rd April. On these special days, visitors can save £10 off a wristband if booked online in advance. Adult wristbands are £32 on the gate and an amazing £22 if booked online. Junior and senior wristbands are £27 on the gate and £17 if booked online.


For those who Haven't seen a photo of the new trains for the ride...


The new train

Photo from Pleasure Beach experience.


Link to PB Blog Page: http://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/blog/view_blog.php?id=168

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