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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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After a few years of being left to rust thanks to the Irish sea-salt, the Whip is finally being removed from the park. I never got to ride it.


1st was the "Turtle" and now it's the "Whip" turn to go. Both are "Classic" rides which should be saved at all costs.


This is 1 piece of BPB history Amanda (CEO of BPB) should not destroy.


How many "operational" versions are there left..? Kennywood...


Some sad pictures below:


Photos From BPB Guide Forums <- Please click for even more info.












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While it might be a bummer that this old ride is going, like it or not, it has been a trend in the amusement business lately to "retire" older flat rides that have a lot of wear and tear on them, or rides where the parts are harder to come by.


For example, Magic Mountain just removed 5 flats this year, some of them over 30 years old. How many of the first generation Free Falls are left now? Etc, etc...


And if I remember correctly, hasn't this ride not run in about 10 years? Last time I remember seeing it operate was in 1999. I can only imagine the cost of rehabbing a nearly 100 year old ride that has sat idle for 10 years.


Sure, it's not going to be a popular decision by a lot of us theme park enthusiasts, but I saw this one coming a long time ago. Just be happy that parks like Kennywood, Dorney, Lakemont, and Knoebel's still run theirs today.



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Where I can see why people would like to see old rides saved, I think you have to accept that times do move on, the ride has served its purpose and run the course of it's life. As Robb said, the amount of money required to rehab something like this and keep it running is probably very high, and if it's been sat idle for several years then why not retire it? Unfortunately nostalgia and old rides probably don't sell tickets as much as the more modern thrill/family rides that will appeal to newer generations of visitors.


At the end of the day the park is a business, and they have to do what is in the park's interests. They still have several old rides and obviously intend keeping some of them for quite some time, hence the rehab of the wild mouse and suchlike.

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^ Yep, they've got all the main bits from Rhyl as well as the Turtle from BPB and King Solomans Mines is also onsite in Margate. I'm not 100% sure if they've got the whip or not but BPB have been supporting thier efforts so it wouldn't suprise me if it goes to Margate, I'm fairly certain they donated the turtle so you never know!


It's all on www.savedreamland.co.uk somewhere if you want to know what bits and pieces they've bought or aquired from other parks!



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It is sad to see it go, as it is with any old ride. I remember riding this when I was a kid. It was a classic but really, Im not sure if I will miss it. Its been standing there rotting for so long now that Im already way past the 'missing it' stage. In fact Ive been kind of hoping they would remove it so it wasnt sitting there as a constant, rusting reminder. Even the last couple of years I saw it operating, there was rarely anyone riding it. The ride op told me they just kept running it empty every now and then to stop it ceasing up, and make sure folks passing new it was actually still running.


EDIT: I made a coment about Dreamland getting rides, but I was beaten to it.


Blackpool actually do more than alot of parks to preserve their old rides. I dont even want to imagine what that must cost.


Look at the Virginia Reel. That was a really rare, classic ride that was removed in the early 80s, yet you never hear it mentioned. No-one seems to really miss it. Lots of people know about it, some remeber it, many are fond of it. But now its just accepted that its gone, and not a tear is shed. I think it will eventualy be the same for the whip. And the turtles.


Gone but not forgotten, and thats just how the world works.

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This is sad. I absolutely adore whips. They were my favorite ride as a child, really the only ride i remember well. That is most likely because i would ride it for hours at a time. THe last time I rode a whip was a few years back in Budapest (Vidampark Still has one). I still laughed and giggled the entire time we were riding.


Someone really needs to reinvent this ride.

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I agree with the entrance price. To be fair, Blackpool has more than it's fair share of Chavs, Drunks and Louts. It puts many people off going there in the first place, for example, our family would rather go to a place such as Alton Towers because of the entrance price, it may be high, but it keeps most of the nasties out, which ultimately, can spoil a perfectly good day. But to be honest, a £5 ticket isn't bad, when it allows entrance to the park, PLUS 5 attractions which anybody can ride. These attractions are:

Chinese Puzzle Maze,

Pleasure Beach Express,


Noah's Ark and the Stage Show at Planet Rock.



Many families, including my own, have people who enjoy rides, but also people who do not, especially parents. If a family wants to go to the theme park, but the parents do not want to ride any rides, they will often have to pay top whack, which at parks like Alton Towers, where the entrance price is £34, it is very expensive. You could pay £68 and not even go on anything, which is a waste of money.


I think the way that BPB are doing this is very good, instead of one 'All-round ticket', you have a choice of tickets. Either a 'Wristband' which pays for all rides, or a 'Freedom pass' which pays for 5 attractions and entry.


I'll give you an example. In the 'Generic' family, there is 'Generic angst ridden teenage son' who loves big rides, his 'Generic sport loving dad' who also likes rides, 'Generic wife who likes cooking' who doesn't like rides and 'Generic young girl' who doesn't like rides.


The 'Generic' family go to Alton Towers, where it costs £34 per person as they are all over 12. So £34 X 4 = £136. 'Generic wife who likes cooking' and 'Generic young girl' don't like rides, and sit about all day carrying bags and watching 'Generic angst ridden teenage son' and 'generic sport loving dad' go on stomach churning rides like Nemesis. They feel pretty ticked off as they paid £68 for two people who didn't go on anything. But Dad can't drive but Mum can. Mum has to come along leaving Girl who doesn't want to stay at home on her own. And to be honest, at Alton Towers there isn't much you can do without liking rides, and there isn't anything outside the park.


However next year, they go to Blackpool. They find out that they can pay online for their tickets, and it will cost Dad and Teenager £15 each for their wristband for unlimited rides. It will cost Mum and Girl £5 each to get in and go on some attractions. While Dad and Teenager go on the Big One and Infusion, Mum and Girl check out the show and maze with their Freedom pass. They meet up with Dad and Teenager for lunch, then Mum and Girl check out the pier and the beach, which are obviously, free. They all have a decent day. And the tickets cost them £15x2 + £5x2 = £40. Huge improvement over Alton Towers.


And because of the £5 ticket price, the local drunks and trouble-makers won't want to pay £5 to be ejected out of the park after 10 mins, so they won't bother. Also less people will be in the paths and sometimes on the rides, leaving Dad and Teenager less queue time and more ride time.


Overall in my opinion, it looks as it it will be beneficial.


Sorry if that post was confusing, I'm tired!

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BPB "Wild Mouse" return's to "life" and looking very lovely in it's new colours.


It is running only around 1-2 seconds off its normal pace which is excellent really.


Quick tip for mouse lovers , this years fastest car at the moment is "Trixie". She is flying


Track shot




One of the mice looking great


Running overhead



Middle of the ride

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Here was the shot of Park Manager Keith Allen Showing us the Colour Test for Amanda, Who wanted to know what the potential colours looked like (FYI Amandas Fav Colour is indeed the red used on the Wild Mouse)


Official McMullen Photography from Club Pleasure Beach May Behind the Scenes Event


Workmen Painting the ride


Keith Allen Infront of Colour Chart / Support

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Hey - you forgot to mention that the hand and camera in the last photo belong to me!


The light grey the structure was painted, was chosen because it's similar to Amanda's dog, Paris I think, the dalmation. I've not met Amanda but I've met Paris (a long story involving a day at Geoffrey's miniature railway).


The Mouse is certainly still wild. Long may it continue!

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Don't worry, you're not going mad - the photos were infact taken in May and it reopened in June.


Did you enjoy?...


People occasionally say that the track that passes closely over the lift is gradually getting lower - what these people (who are young) fail to realise is that they are simply growing taller. I mustn't have grown much in recent years, as it's always been the same height for me.

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Well, given I was in Orlando, I havent paid much attention to whats been happening in Blackpool so I only just found out the info Im about to post from a workmate and confirmed it on the BPB site.


The paid entry system has taken what I think might be an unpopular turn for non-riding parents and the like.

For the whole of October, they have been charging a flat fee of £20 for all park entrants rides included. This is whether or not you actually ride (no £5 freedom pass). If your accompanying someone under 16 (who is paying the £20) and your not riding, you can get in for £10. Disabled people who are unable to ride can get a free entry pass.


I had heard, but cant confirm, that they had already started trialing the £5 entry system, but perhaps concluded it wasnt giving enough returns for the park. Either way, I know this £20 entry has resulted in two families who have gone down to blackpool on holiday to decide to skip it altogether, and just visit the Sandcastle and the piers.


Yes, its cheaper than the all day wristbands were, but I can see alot of families turning away like the ones I have spoken two. Im slightly worried about the fate of our beloved little seaside park.

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