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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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^I totally disagree with that.


I actually prefer the Height Measurement ticket policy that Six Flags and other parks use.


48'' and over = Adult Price Ticket

Under 48'' = Child Price Ticket


I mean, if you can do 82% of the rides and attractions at 48'' then you should pay full price!


That's why I also don't mind Disney saying that an adult ticket starts at age 10. Heck, Kristen has done like 80% of the Magic Kingdom Attractions!

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I just wish they would do that at the Adventuredome. Maybe then it wouldn't seem as much as a babysitting service.


As a former Main Banker at CC, I can tell you that Adventuredome is just that, a babysitting service. It will never have an admission price.


Part of CC's success all these years has been free stuff where the kids can hang while the parents spend their college tuition. It's the market demographic that nobody else in Vegas has been able to capture. Everyone tried to copy it in the 90's, but they all failed. Why? Because they charged admission.


Advernturedome (as far as the book$ were back in the 90's) NEVER made a profit. I would assume it's the same today. Putting in a new million dollar flat every couple of years (and I know, they don't cost a million!) keeps them coming back. The Million dollar loss from that one ride pays for itself when the parents give CC their Billion (with a B) Dollar revenue every year.


The dome is a money-sucking machine. But when compared to the money the casino makes from the parents dropping their kids off there, it's like a pin-hole in Hover Dam.


Having worked at the Adventuredome twice in my life (high school and a short stint during college), I understand what you are saying. During my time working in the park operations office, it was very clear that they weren't really out to be a premier theme park. They did just enough to keep it interesting.


When they first opened they had the point system similar to Nick Universe/Camp Snoopy. You had to buy a minimum of a $3 ticket to get in (which could be used for a discount at the restaurant). With the whole free admission situation over the past few years, we have seen the park shift from theme to basically just an indoor carnival.


I can't stand going there, and I can't believe I actually used to put up with it while working there!


That said, the locals descend upon the park like vultures. Friday and Saturday nights are packed with plenty of non-paying teens who try and scam their way onto rides for free.

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Under 16's while at school should be considered a "Child" ticket Price.

16 - 18 should be "Student" ticket prices

Over 18 is an Adult ticket price.


The above should be standard for all Theme Parks in the World.


I could be 11 or 12 year old who is 5ft high and have to pay Adult price, totally unfair on my parents.




I can be a 27 year old who is only 4ft high and pay a "Child" price.

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I think they're doing something with the supports... In fact, if I can find the other thread (which I think was also started by VerticalZero), I'll merge it with this one, maybe VZ or other people who are around regularly can keep us updated with pictures.


EDIT: Merged the threads. Hopefully locals will keep us posted: This is one of only two coasters at Blackpool I actually really enjoy, and it'd better be open by my next visit!

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PBB have got a talent for recycling. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for this was less to do with health and saftey, and more to do with saving money. Why buy a new train when you have a sevicable old one sitting there?

Is it even possible to buy a new train with no restraints these days?


Anyone know how the new/old trains run on the Rollercoaster?

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Well Health and Safety laws are definately the main reason.


VerticalZero I don't know where you're getting the idea of airtime on this ride.. You never even lift out of your seat normally!


I'm mainly bummed about not being able to sit sideways now!

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Nobody's ridden the cars yet, the old train is still currently running. If you've ridden similar cars with bars and belts, that was the Grand National running the new PTC cars (which has seatbelts because PTC don't supply cars without them, they're now considered a vital restraint by PTC so PB will not remove them, even though they didn't actually want them).


As for airtime - while it's true that RC doesn't offer much, it's also true that if there is some, the cars WILL allow it - you can't say the Big Dipper has no airtime, and they are the exact same cars. Also, there are no belts on them, just the same bars the Dipper has (you can remove belts from the topic title).


There's actually nothing wrong with the old cars apart from the fact that there's no room for lapbars to be fitted to them - hence the reuse of disused Dipper cars. They want to run a second train so I'd assume they have enough cars for it, and I expect we'll see that one being prepared once the first one is in operation, which is going to happen sometime soon.


The cars do look lovely, and while not as classic as the older cars, they're more comfortable and actually have leg room...


Being a PTC fanboy I welcome the change anyway. I love the deep, boxy nature of the PB's PTC cars. When bought in 1980 they were of standard design with normal, lower bodies and buzzbars. PB fitted 6" deeper bodies in 1988 to make it harder for riders to stick their arms out (I know the guy that did the work, lol), as the old coaster structures don't have a safe kinematic envelope - their legs are on 8' centres whereas the legs on modern woodies are set at 9' or more, to prevent you being able to strike any of the structure with your hands while riding. They also reused the buzzbar solenoids to fit their own lapbars. I love it!

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^ And you're a dumbarse with no sense of humour.



No coaster in England makes you lift / float out your seat.


Grand National, Irn-Bru, Big Dipper, Rita, Stealth.


Although it depends what you're defining "proper" airtime as. Personally it's as soon as my arse leaves the seat.

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